Scarecrows in Colorado with Zeb the Duck

A warm, sunny day, but Olde Town Arvada, Colorado was full of scarecrows.


I, Zeb the Duck, am sitting on the head of a scarecrow.   There seems to be several scarecrows in the plaza.   And no crows.


Here is another one.   Arvada Plaza is near the library and signs say the library also has a scarecrow.    Let’s go see it.

Scarecrow with Zeb and crows

Oh, this scarecrow is reading a book, and the crows want to hear the story.  I am on one shoulder and a crow is on the other.   Another crow on the back rim of the hat.   But the crows are friendly.   Perhaps they are trying to understand those shoes.   The humans get to vote here, for their favorite scarecrow.

Vote here

The ladies in the booth said ducks cannot vote.   Darn.   Small humans enter the cone maze here.

Enter Cone Maze

They follow the yellow tape and seem to be having fun.

Cone maze

Oh, if only I could be a human sometimes.   The Arvada Fire Department had a booth here also.

Arvada Fire Department

So many options for humans here.

Many choices

And more.

Painted pumpkins

I love these painted pumpkins.   Humans, large and small, can ride the hay wagon.

Ride on the hay wagon

Humans sit on bales of hay and a tractor pulls the wagon through the streets of Olde Town Arvada.   All this activity makes humans, and ducks, hungry.   This great food truck is from Steuben’s Restaurant.

Steuben’s Food Truck

Steuben’s has a restaurant in Olde Arvada.   Very tasty.   But, my very favorite festival food is here.

Kettle Corn

I love kettle corn.   Of course we bought some.   Across from Olde Town Arvada Plaza, this church, with scarecrow, hay and apple cider, is ready for autumn.

Lounging on bale of hay

Last Saturday, the weather was warm, in the 60’s, sunny and a perfect day for a festival.   The next day, Sunday, the temperature was in the teens and low 20’s with snow all day.   Monday was sunny again and all the snow melted.   That is just how the weather is in Colorado.   Many seasons in a week, and we love it.   We are happy that the 22nd Festival of Scarecrows was here on the warm sunny day.