Manassa, Conejos and Antonito in San Luis Valley, Colorado with Zeb the Duck

Humans say this is our last day to explore the San Luis Valley.   After leaving the town of San Luis, we go to Manassa, Colorado.   Manassa is the birthplace of Jack Dempsey.

Jack Dempsey, the Manassa Mauler

Jack Dempsey was born in Manassa June 24, 1895.  He became a boxer and was heavy weight champion from 1919-1926.   This was sculpted by Bob Booth.   Dempsey was often called the Manassa Mauler.   The small Jack Dempsey museum was closed for the season.

Jack Dempsey museum

We were there in late September.   I liked this old bell.

Old bell

I, Zeb the Duck, like old things that I can touch.   Our next stop was in Conejos, Colorado.   This street is dedicated to veterans.

Conejos, Colorado. Tribute to veterans

New trees were planted this year.   I hope they survive their first winter.   Our Lady of Guadeloupe Parish is the oldest parish in Colorado.

Church for oldest parish in Colorado. Conejos, Colorado

This is the church they currently use.   The first church was built of pickets in 1863.   A larger church was built, but was destroyed by a fire in 1926.   This church has been in use since 1927.


The inside is beautiful.   Looking back toward the entrance.

Inside. Choir loft

The choir loft is in the back, but we could not climb to the loft when we visited.   Look at this window.


As I have mentioned, I, Zeb the Duck love stained glass windows.   Outside we admired the grotto.


Isn’t this nice and peaceful?  We are only a few miles north of Antonito, so we go into town.   There is a great train ride from Antonito.   Maybe next time?   We go to see Cano’s Castle.

Help mom

Hey mom.   I don’t know this dog.   This is not our Chloe.   Tom has rescued me.   Thanks Tom!

Cano’s castle

We learned about Cano’s Castle on   Cano, a Vietnam Veteran, is building this castle, using an assortment of materials.   I see many hubcaps and other materials.   There are thousands of aluminum cans.   The ends of the cans are cut off and nailed to the walls.   The middle of the cans are turned inside out and hammered to the walls to create aluminum siding.   Cano came out to talk with us.  He is building this for Jesus.

Cano’s castle

If you are near Antonito, Colorado, you should stop to see Cano’s Castle.   You can only look from the street.   There are no tours of this creation at this time.   It is interesting to see what people can and want to do.  We enjoyed our trip to Colorado’s San Luis Valley.   But like everywhere, there is still so much more to see.   Hope you visit soon.