Happy Columbus Day 2016

Today is the official Federal holiday to honor the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Western Hemisphere.   In the United States, the holiday had been celebrated on October 12.   In 1971 the US Congress changed the holiday to the second Monday in October.    Although many cities and schools no longer celebrate this holiday, it is still a Federal holiday.   So today, all Federal offices, courthouses, banks and the US Post Office will be closed.   No mail delivery in the United States today.   In 1492 Christopher Columbus, with his three ships, the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María touched land in what is now the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea.   This changed the history of the world.   This is the photo we, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, took when we were in Washington D.C. this summer, right before our trip to Africa.   This statue is in front of the train station in Washington D.C.   We hope you all enjoy this holiday today.

Statue recognizing Columbus's arrival in the New World

Statue recognizing Columbus’s arrival in the New World