Soapy Smith Duck Visits Florida

We all love Florida.   Soapy and his mom visited Florida in July 2017.   Long before Hurricane Irma made landfall.   Soapy here to tell about our trip.   We visited friends from mom’s high school days.   We got a flight from Denver and flew to Tampa, Florida.

Soapy is in Tampa Florida

They knew I was coming, so the whole gang was there.

My new Florida friends

We had such a good time.   The first full day we went to the beach at Clearwater, Florida.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

I just love the beach.   When mom was really young (before kindergarten) she used to spend lots of time on the beaches of Florida.   She was in Clearwater, but doesn’t remember.   I’ll certainly remember this great beach.   Another day we went to St. Petersburg Beach and loved the area called Madeira Beach.

Madeira Beach. By St. Petersburg Beach

When we got back to Colorado we learned that mom used to stay on Madeira Beach.   We loved this beach so much that we came back here another day.

Madeira Beach

While in Madeira Beach, mom found many sand dollars.

Soapy and mom found this sand dollar.

This one was my favorite.   Too soon it was time for our vacation to end.

Sad to say goodby to Tampa

One last look at the aquarium in Tampa airport.

Aquarium in airport

We plan to return to Florida again.   But since Hurricane Irma hit, we will wait awhile.   But when Florida is ready for tourists again, we hope to be there.   We love Florida and I want to see mom’s friends again.   They are so nice to me.   Mom talked to them right after the hurricane.   They had to evacuate their apartment in Tampa, but they were safe.


South Beach is so Cool

I, Zeb the Duck, am in South Beach.  South Beach is the southern end of Miami Beach in south Florida.  Girls in bikinis riding bicycles, a man driving a Segway,

Man riding  Segway in our restaurant

Man riding Segway in our restaurant

a lady with a tray selling cigars, and that was on the sidewalk that is inside our restaurant!

South Beach is also famous for its Art Deco.

Art Deco with curves

Art Deco with curves

Lots of curves and bright colors.  The day I was on South Beach it was 88 degrees.  You can see the date on this photo.

Warmer than Denver today

Warmer than Denver today

December 5, 2013.  On that day in Denver the temperature was below zero and snow on the ground.  We picked the right day to be in South Beach.

This weekend there were three art shows.

One of three art shows

One of three art shows

So many people and so much art.  This the second piece in Tom Fruin’s celebrated ICON series.

By Tom Fruin

By Tom Fruin

One of the main attractions of South Beach; the beach is very wide and so pretty.

We love wide beaches

We love wide beaches

I had to sit on the sand, adding to my South Beach experience.  Not sure if this guy is a friend or an actual distant relative.

I find friends everywhere

I find friends everywhere

I like him!

This is where Mom and I ate.

Ocean's Ten in South Beach

Ocean’s Ten in South Beach

We like Ocean’s Ten for lunch, or any time. You can see the sidewalk goes through all the restaurants.  It is great.  Humans must get really thirsty in warm weather.

This drink is bigger than Zeb the Duck!

This drink is bigger than Zeb the Duck!

I could swim in this drink!

Walking down the street I saw entertainment at another restaurant.

Dancer at Clevelander restaurant

Dancer at Clevelander restaurant

So many thing I have never seen other places.  South Beach is so alive and fun!  Even the palm trees seem different.

The trunks of these palms on South Beach are a little different than the palms I saw in St Thomas last month.

Pretty trunks on these palm trees

Pretty trunks on these palm trees

So much to see and learn in the world.

We could not stay here very long today.  Tomorrow we leave Florida for another Caribbean island.  We are going to Cuba!

Go to South Beach soon.  You will be amazed at all you see there.  It is so much fun.  I want to return soon!