Zeb the Duck Travels the Cache la Poudre Scenic Byway

Autumn in Colorado is beautiful.   Today let’s drive one of Colorado’s scenic byways.   From Denver we drive north to Fort Collins then the scenic byway through Poudre Canyon and into Waldon, Colorado.   The Cache la Poudre River flows through Poudre Canyon.

Poudre la Cache River

This is a beautiful canyon.   We drove through this tunnel.

Tunnel through mountain

Tunnels are fun to drive through in our mountains.   We love the Cache la Poudre River.

Cache la Poudre River

Mom, I am almost cut out of this photo.   Watching and listening to water is very soothing for ducks and humans.

Cache la Poudre River

The only purpose for this blog post today is to show you how beautiful Colorado is this fall.   Our drive started at a rather low elevation in Fort Collins, just under 5,000 feet (1,524 m).   So leaves had not yet started to change colors.   But we go into the mountains and over Cameron Pass at 10,276 feet (3,132 m).   The leaves change colors at higher elevations first.

Gold aspen in Poudre Canyon

We love our golden aspen.   And we love the colors along the Cache la Poudre River.

Fall colors by river

And yet another photo of colors on the mountains.

Autumn in Colorado

Finally I, Zeb the Duck, am back in the photo.

Zeb with aspen leaves and mountain

These beautiful leaves are duck yellow.   The green and red add variety and I love the mountain shape here also.   I told mom we had enough photos of aspen turning gold, but around every curve in the road, we had to stop to take another photo.

Autumn in Poudre Canyon

So much beauty here.   Coming out of the mountains, we enter North Park.

North Park

A valley between two mountain ranges.   Remember last time I told you we have North Park, Middle Park, and the famous South Park.   Here is the town of Walden, Colorado.

Walden, Colorado. Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado

Walden is the Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado.    Northern Colorado is not overly populated and the roads are not crowded.   We thought we may see moose, but this is the only moose sighting today.

Our only moose sighting today

As we left town, about an hour later we saw antelope and later a deer.   Moose must come out closer to sunset.   Maybe next time we will see moose.   But it was a beautiful drive.   We hope you are enjoying fall colors in your area.


Love Those Golden Aspen

Yesterday we saw more golden aspen!  Turning on Squaw Pass Road, we saw this huge meadow.  IMG_4346It is Jefferson County Open Space property.  Often the elk herds graze and lounge here.  So glad this place is safe for elk now and in the future.

There were beautiful gold aspen trees, fabulous among the evergreen trees, on the mountain side beneath the Colorado’s sky.  Here are a few photos of aspen.

Gorgeous aspen and energetic biker.

Gorgeous aspen and energetic biker.

Also, many of the aspen leaves are falling, so mom put me in some leaves.

Me, sitting in aspen leaves

Me, sitting in aspen leaves

The mountains also had many pine needles.  Yep, pine needles and pinecones also fall.  The ground feels soft and spongy with all the pine needles.

Me sitting on pine needles with pine cones

Me sitting on pine needles with pine cones

It was fun to sit on the ground with pinecones and pine needles.

Rocky Mountains sure are rocky

Rocky Mountains sure are rocky

I love Colorado.  We can take a few hours and see so may different things.  A trip to the mountains is like a mini vacation.  Please try some of these mini vacations.  You will love them.  We return to town feeling relaxed and eager to enjoy the many offerings of the city.

We took I-70 west from Denver to Evergreen Parkway.  Then Evergreen Parkway to Squaw Pass Road.  This road goes to Idaho Springs and then you can return to Denver on I-70.

Georgetown and Guanella Pass

Zeb the duck here again.  Thursday mom and I went to Georgetown and then up Guanella Pass.  Georgetown is on I-70 west of Denver.  Like many mountain towns, they have festivals during the year, so maybe we will visit again.

Remember I told you yesterday that the aspen leaves are turning red and then gold for autumn.  And, I thought we might go for another leaf peeking drive.  We did.  I love it.  Summer was perfect, but the autumn is beautiful in a different way.  Guess I like the changing of seasons.  This is my first year, so I am just guessing.

First stop was the Georgetown Visitor’s Center.

Georgetown Visitor's Center

Georgetown Visitor’s Center

This place has everything.  Lots of information for tourists, but also a museum.  There is a big gift store.  And, the television monitors had real time traffic toward the tunnel.  This is very important, especially with winter approaching and driving in the mountains.  There has already been snow on these roads this year.

We drove through town towards Guanella Pass.

A few minutes toward the pass looking back at Georgetown

A few minutes toward the pass looking back at Georgetown

This is another place with many aspen and the gold on the mountain with green pine trees is fabulous against the bright blue Colorado sky.

Aspens and mom left me on the road

Aspens and mom left me on the road

These are some of the gorgeous golden aspen leaves.   The water is part of a hydroelectric plant.

Aspen, water and mountains.  Perfect

Aspen, water and mountains. Perfect

The creek is always refreshing and after the recent heavy rain, the rivers

Water rushing through the aspens

Water rushing through the aspens

and creeks are full and running fast.

We returned to Georgetown and visited the Art Gallery.  Very nice.

Colorado Art

Colorado Art

All the art is created by Colorado artists.  Many talented people live in Colorado.  The Happy Cooker is a nice place for lunch.

Happy Cooker.  Good food

Happy Cooker. Good food

There is outside and inside seating.  They serve breakfast and lunch all day.  We love the sandwiches.

My favorite stop was Georgetown Valley Candy Company.  They have been here many years.

Sweet and delicious.  Gifts also

Sweet and delicious. Gifts also

We had black cherry ice cream.  Yum!!  Their fudge is also wonderful.  Next a little shopping at the Santa Fe Trail shop.

Unusual jewelry, clothes and gifts.  Hurry in

Unusual jewelry, clothes and gifts. Hurry in

They are celebrating 53 years in business and most items are on sale—50% off.  Hurry!!!

Leaving town we stopped at the First Presbyterian Church.

Really old and still used today.

Really old and still used today.

This church was built in 1874.  Colorado wasn’t even a state until 1876.  That is old!  They have added to the building

See you Sunday

See you Sunday

and have church services every Sunday.

Next we saw a park.  The playground equipment was great.

Loved the slide

Loved the slide

Makes me wish I were human.  This was paid for by the Colorado Lottery.  So, buy some tickets!  The ground here looks like street pavement, but is feels like foam.  Very nice and probably very safe.  A great fountain

Love all water

Love all water

and a crazy bench.  This bench is made from a tree trunk.  I love it.

The best bench!

The best bench!

Come to Georgetown.  It took us less than an hour to get here and I know you will love it too.  I’m coming back!