Truth or Consequences, New Mexico for Hot Springs with Colorado Traveling Ducks

February was cold and had more snowy days than usual in 2020.   We were tired of winter.   So mom and ducks got in the car and headed south from Denver.   As it turned out, this was our last trip before the Coronavirus arrived in the United States and travel became restricted.   We will talk about the name, Truth or Consequences, soon, but let’s get to warm water now.

Leader in spreading benefits of hot mineral springs

Magnificent Magnolia was one of the first to spread the word about benefits of soaking in hot mineral springs.

Hot Springs Historic District

We head to the Hot Springs Historic District.   Since we did not plan ahead, we did not make reservations at a hot springs resort.   Our first attempt had no vacancy, but we were directed to La Paloma Hot Springs Spa.

La Paloma Hot Springs Spa

We arrived and they had room for us.   We are in southern New Mexico in the desert, so it is much warmer than Denver.

Lounging in hammock at La Paloma Hot Springs

Time to relax in the hammock and enjoy the warmer weather.   But what about the hot water?  La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa is a quaint bathhouse, over 80 years old.  The town sits over a pool of 110 degree F mineral water which comes to the surface through wells, springs and pools.   If you look at the last photo, where the roof is longer and it looks like the building ends, you turn right and enter another building containing 5 private rooms with private hot springs.   Let’s look inside.

Tables for massage

The two cots are for massages.   Mom doesn’t really like massages, so that option was not taken.

Our private pool

Down 3-4 steps, and you are in about 3 feet of warm mineral water.   Mom used the pool that was 103 degrees F.   Across from the steps, there was an opening where the fresh water constantly entered the private pool, and under the steps was another opening where the water flowed back out traveling outside over rocks.  A constant supply of fresh water for soaking.   We ducks didn’t like being so hot, so while mom soaked, we stayed in our room.   Mom loves soaking in hot mineral springs.   But she cannot soak all day.   We visited Geronimo Springs Museum in Truth or Consequences.

Geronimo Springs Museum

This is a great museum.   If you visit here, a visit to this museum is very informative and enjoyable.   And the staff is wonderful.  Geronimo Springs Museum is famous for Mogollon Whiteware pottery.

Mogollon Whiteware in museum

Particularly Mimbres Boldface and Mimbres Classic Black on White Pottery.  Now, about the name of this town, Truth or Consequences.   There was a radio show and this sign in the museum explains what happened.   In 1950 Ralph Edwards was the host of a radio quiz show called Truth or Consequences.   He said he would air the program from the first town to change its name to the radio show name.   This town in New Mexico won.   Ralph Edwards visited this city the first weekend of May for the next fifty years.  The first weekend of May became a huge event called Fiesta.   There was a beauty contest, a parade and a stage show.  This celebration still happens the first weekend of May.   Predictably, the long running celebration, Fiesta, was cancelled for 2020.   The Coronavirus came to town instead.   Maybe next year?   The town was previously named Hot Springs.

Inside Geronimo Springs Museum

Fiesta days are still popular, and here are some of the attire worn in past festivals.

Inside museum

This would be a fun time to visit.  Let’s see a little more of the town.   While Walmart is not normally a topic for us, we visit there for packages of sliced apples to eat in the car.   But look at this Walmart.

Walmart with covered parking

The parking lot has rows of covers, or roofs, in the parking area.   A nice idea, since the southern New Mexico sun makes things really hot in the summer.  Even the city water tower is painted and decorated.

Decorated city water tower

We like it.  Here is the Hamilton Military Museum and Veterans Memorial Park.

Hamilton Military Museum and Veterans Memorial Park

The grounds are rather extensive and many statues and memorials are located around the park.

Veteran Memorial

But this one reminds us of all the veterans have done for us and how much they have sacrificed.   We, Colorado Traveling Ducks, and humans, are grateful for all our heroes have done and are still doing.   Thank you.   When you are in Southern New Mexico, stop at Truth or Consequences.   We think you will enjoy exploring this town.