Zeb and Soapy Duck See Khufu’s boat and Visit Papyrus Institute in Cairo

Before leaving the Giza Pyramid Complex, we visited the Khufu Boat Museum.

Khufu boat museum

After entering the museum, the humans were given booties to cover their shoes.

Shoe covers to walk in museum

These shoe covers were really huge on Soapy’s mom.   You can also see she is holding a bag with souvenirs from the pyramid venders.   Inside the museum is the Khufu ship.   The ship was sealed into a pit in the Giza pyramid complex at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza around 2500 BC.

Khufu’s boat

The ship was almost certainly built for Khufu (King Cheops), the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt.  It was apparently part of the extensive grave goods intended for use in the afterlife.  Khufu’s ship is one of the oldest, largest and best preserved vessels from antiquity.  It is 143 ft (43.6 m) long and 19.5 ft (5.9 m) wide.   Believed to be the world’s oldest intact ship and a masterpiece of woodcraft that could sail today if put into water.

Khufu’s boat

The first photo is from the internet and has a better view of the entire boat.   This photo shows us with Khufu’s boat inside the museum.   First we viewed items on the lower floor and explanations about reassembling the boat.   Then up the stairs to see the completed boat from this level and view.   This is a museum you will enjoy if you have an interest in this ancient boat.

Leaving the pyramids, our next stop was 3 Pyramid Papyrus Institute.

Showing us how Papyrus is made

First we learned the ancient way of making papyrus.

Papyrus Institute

Many intricate finished works were on display and many were for sale.   Soapy’s mom made some purchases.   Mom took Soapy and me outside to look around.   As soon as we crossed the street, our bus driver joined us.

Our driver

He is our friend and didn’t want us to be alone.   We were happy to see this.

Goats coming toward us

These humans had goats walking down the area between the roads.   We like goats.  Time for lunch now.   Back on the bus and to a nice restaurant on the edge of Cairo.

Patio of restaurant

We wandered around the patio area after lunch.

Famous Egyptian actor with friends

We were told that this is a famous group of humans and that one gentlemen is a famous movie star.   We don’t know him, but it was fun to see.  Behind the patio was an area with this donkey cart.

Cart ride for young humans

The young human is having fun riding in the cart.   Well, time for us to leave now.   There are more things for us to see in Cairo.


Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

That was a long plane ride.   But now we have arrived.

Welcome to Cairo, Egypt

But, mom, where are we?  I can’t read this.   We are in Cairo, Egypt now.   Cairo is famous for the Giza Pyramid Complex.    Let’s go to the pyramids.

View of 3 pyramids of Giza

First we went to a hill to see the three pyramids.   Soapy’s mom and Stephanie with pyramids behind them.

Soapy’s mom and Stephanie

It was very windy here, so ducks stayed in the traveling bag.

Camels waiting for humans

If we had more time, camels were waiting to take us around the pyramids.   Our moms, and our Bucket Duck’s dad, visited these pyramids in the late 1990s and rode camels then.   This Giza Pyramid Complex is one of the remaining original Seven Wonders of the World.  Here is the Great Pyramid of Giza.  This is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids here.   Built as a tomb for Fourth Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, Khufu, sometimes referred to as Cheops, the pyramid was completed in 2560 BC.   When completed, the Great Pyramid of Giza was 481 feet (146.5 meters) tall.   One of the three chambers is open for tourists to visit.

Pyramid of Giza

Some from our group are in this line to enter the pyramid.   We did not go.   The tomb is empty.  There is one path in and the same path to exit.  The path is low, so humans must bend over to enter.   Our moms did not want to go in to see the empty tomb.  Today the pyramids are rough on the outside.


Originally they were smooth with a surfact of limestone casing covering these stones.  At some places near the base of the pyramids you can see some of the smooth limestone casing.  You can see there are venders at the pyramids.


And we did make some purchases.   Soapy’s mom bought a scarf; it was windy and a little chilly today, and we bought smaller replicas of the pyramids.   Back on the bus and we went to the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Sphinx with Colorado Traveling Ducks

The sphinx has the body of a lion and the head of a king.  Now we will walk behind the Great Sphinx.


There are rooms behind the sphinx.

Behind Sphinx

The rooms do not have ceilings, but there are several areas.

Behind Sphinx

And narrower passage ways to exit.

Behind Sphinx

And this was built around 2560 BC.   That is really old.   The pyramids are really interesting and fun to see.   We hope you visit and have time to wander around the area.   Maybe ride a camel, also.