Grand Lake, Colorado with Zeb the Duck and Channel the Bear

We love visiting Grand Lake, Colorado.   I, Zeb the Duck, and my friend Chanel the Bear, took our moms to Grand Lake.

Entering Grand Lake, Colorado

Let’s visit my favorite store, Quackers.

Quackers in Grand Lake, Colorado

This store in Grand Lake features rubber ducks!   Yes, an entire store dedicated to me and my duck relatives.

Giant duck in Quackers

Meet my largest relative.   Chanel and I invited some friends to pose with us.   As great as ducks are, we also enjoy the fudge.

We love fudge

And there is more.   Roasted nuts.

Yum. Roasting nuts taste good and smell delicious

Of course some came home with us.   While rubber ducks are the stars of this store, Martin the Moose is pretty great also.

Martin the Moose on skis

Remember we are in the Colorado mountains.   Moose do live here.   However, Martin is the only moose I ever saw wearing skis.   We purchased new family members.

Purchased at Quackers

And some fudge and roasted nuts.    Then headed out for lunch.

Lunch at The Sagebrush

Today our choice is The Sagebrush.   Here are some new friends.

New friends at The Sagebrush

Aren’t we an attractive bunch of friends?  Our table has a complimentary bucket of peanuts.

Peanuts and cow tablecloths here

We are to toss the peanut shells on the floor.   That is the sign of a fun place to eat.   Notice the cow pattern table cover?   Our lunch was delicious and the portions were large.   A good place to eat when you are in Grand Lake.  Now to the adjoining bar.

Old West bar here

Looks like it is from an old Western movie.   We enjoy the hats and license plates as part of the rustic decor.   Our next stop is Studio 8369, an art studio in town.

Studio 8369 in Grand Lake, Colorado

The 8369 refers to the elevation of the town of Grand Lake.  That is about 2550 meters above sea level.   The Rocky Mountains in Colorado are rather high.   Inside Studio 8369 we admire the Gourd Art.

Gourd Art by Ivy Howard

This is by Ivy Howard of Grand Lake, Colorado.   Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Studio 8369 has some beautiful photography.

Stunning photography here

You would love this place.   A couple weeks later mom and I returned to Grand Lake.   This time there was more snow.   A few miles from Grand Lake is Lake Granby.

Lake Granby with low clouds

We loved the partially frozen lake and the low clouds.   Driving through town, past Quackers, we went to Grand Lake.   Grand Lake is the largest and deepest natural lake in Colorado.   It is also part of the headwaters for the mighty Colorado River.   Remember the Colorado River heads southwest and continues to carve the Grand Canyon.

Rent boats here in the summer

In the summer tourists can rent boats to explore and enjoy the lake.   Now snowy and frozen, we enjoy a winter landscape.   Back into town, near Quackers, we spotted these snowmobiles, or snow machines.

Snow machines today, mom?

Mom said we were not renting them today, but we had to try them for size.   These are big.   The employees at Spirit Lake Lodge rent these machines.   They were very nice to us, the Colorado Traveling Ducks.  A drive into Rocky Mountain National Park was next.

Rocky Mountain National Park, West Entrance

Grand Lake is at the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.   The road had been cleared.

Driving in Rocky Mountain National Park

Isn’t this a beautiful winter drive?  However the road is only cleared for part of the park.   This road ascends to over 12,000 feet (3657 m) and is closed during the snowy winter months.   We did enjoy many beautiful winter scenes.

One of many spectacular views in the national park

As you know, we love our mountains.   Both in the summer and in the winter.   We hope you explore a little and enjoy our mountains during the winter, or explore your part of the world and enjoy all the seasons.   It is a new year, so enjoy and discover new things and places.   And tell us about your adventures.


Lake Granby in Arapaho National Recreation Area with Zeb, Soapy Smith and JB Duck

After stopping at the Visitor Information Center in Granby, Colorado we follow suggestions and take US 34 to County Road 6 to Arapaho National Recreation Area.   We pass this tractor, on a sign post.

Great sign

Great sign

Soon we arrive at Arapaho National Recreation Area.   Lake Granby is frozen and there are some snowmobiles on the snow covered frozen lake.

Lake Granby

Lake Granby with snowmobile

Many people love to ice fish and this is a great place.   These humans are setting up to ice fish.

Getting ready to ice fish

Getting ready to ice fish

Often humans set up shelters while ice fishing.   Here we have three shelters.

Ice fishing shelters

Ice fishing shelters

There are several on the lake today.   Some people do not use a shelter.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing

It is easier for us to see the fishing process without shelters.   This weekend there will be 3 Lakes Ice Fishing Contest.   Many humans will fish and compete for cash prizes.   For information about this contest visit   Scroll down a little to the Calendar of Events and click on 3 Lakes Ice Fishing Contest in Granby.   There is a lot of snow here.   We three ducks are on a snow bank by Lake Granby.

Zeb, Soapy Smith, and JB Duck on cold snow

Zeb, Soapy Smith, and JB Duck on cold snow

It was about 10 degrees here when we visited Friday.   We did not sit on this snow very long.   Near the end of Lake Granby is Arapaho Bay Campground.   The section with cabins is closed for the winter.

This camping area closed for winter

This camping area closed for winter

There are other campgrounds and picnic areas along the lake also.   We want to come back here in the summer.   We are on the bridge over the waterway connecting Lake Granby with Lake Monarch.

Bridge over waterway between Lake Granby and Lake Monarch

Bridge over waterway between Lake Granby and Lake Monarch

We hope you visit this very pretty area some time this year.   Maybe even this weekend for the 3 Lakes Ice Fishing Contest.