Casa Bonita with Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear

Our moms said we are going to Casa Bonita!   Exciting and we have never been there.   Moms have been there many times and now we can go.  Both our moms were teachers and this was a favorite place to bring students for lunch after visiting a museum or special performance.

Casa Bonita Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

Wow!  A big pink castle.   Entering the building, we follow the walkway.   Things look like Old Mexico.   Great decor.   Menus are available along the way.   We all order the beef deluxe dinner.   With this dinner we can get more of any item on our plate, whenever we want more.   We order, then continue along the walkway, get our tray, silverware and napkin.   Our very hot plate is placed on the tray, then our beverage is added; we continue along the path, and soon we are met by an employee that guides us to our table.   We are seated by the edge of the diving pool.   Diving pool in a restaurant?   Oh yes, this is Casa Bonita.   A waitress brings us beverage straws and chips and salsa.   We ask for our warm sopaipillas now also.

Lots of food for us. The raised red flag indicates we need our waitress.

This looks good.   These are sopaipillas.

Warm sopaipillas

Our moms love them.   After one taste, Zeb and Chanel are big sopaipilla fans also.  This is one of those restaurants that you don’t visit just for the food.   We think the food is fine.   It is not a small family run restaurant with the best green chili, but it is as good or better than Taco Bell.   And we bet you eat there.   Casa Bonita serves good food, but the entire experience is unique to Casa Bonita.   We have never been to any restaurant that has so much to see and there are so many places to explore here.   First let’s look at the pool.

Pool inside Casa Bonita. 30 foot waterfall here.

The waterfall, and one diving platform is 30 feet (9.1 m) high.   Frequently (about every 15 minutes) there will be a show above the pool, or a diver will perform for the guests.   The restaurant is similar to things you may see in Mexico, including the Acapulco cliff divers.   This man performed a dive where he twisted and turned before entering the water.

Diving into pool

We love water and we love watching the divers.  A gorilla stars in one of the short skits performed above the pool.

Short skit with gorilla.

Some skits result in one of the employees landing in the pool also.   We have eaten enough.   We all ordered extra tacos and lots of warm sopaipillas.   Honey on warm sopaipillas is delicious.   Now we will explore more of Casa Bonita.   This is where those addictive sopaipillas are made.

Where sopaipillas are made

Heading down the stairs, past the lower arcade (yes, there is another arcade on the upper level), we find the Quien Sabe Mine.

Entrance to Quien Sabe Mine dining room

Entering we discover another dining room resembling the inside of a mine.   The lights by each table offer plenty of light.

Table inside Quien Sabe Mine dining room

What a great dining room.   Leaving the mine, we soon enter this dining room with a fairly large stage.

A stage for entertainment while dining

Plenty of seating for diners here.   Each area has been decorated differently.   And very carefully to give a varied experience.   You could return and eat in a different room and have a different experience.   You can order the deluxe, all you can eat, dinner as we did, order other Mexican platters, try a salad, chile rellenos or fajitas.   American chicken fried steak or fried chicken breast is available, and also a kids menu.   We visited the dining room decorated as a cavern.   The stalagmites and stalactites were very realistic.   Here is a jail.

A Mexican jail

Moms are putting us in jail??

Zeb and Chanel are in jail??

But mom…   It is OK.   They got us out of jail.   Back up the stairs, past our dining area by the pool, into another room to the stage for the puppet show.

Stage for puppet show

Maybe we are performing here?   The stadium style seating is nice, but we are sitting under a gorilla to watch the puppet show?

Watching puppet show under a gorilla

There is another wall with a huge head of rock, but only one eye.   Rather close we discovered Black Bart’s Hideout.

Entrance to Black Bart’s Hideout

This is a favorite with guests.   We liked it also.   Next we wandered behind the waterfall that goes into the pool.   There are even tables for eating behind the waterfall.    This balcony reminds us of some seen in Mexico.

Mexican balcony. Another great dining location

Another great place to eat.   Up the stairs, we discovered more dining rooms and a different decor.   So many choices for dining here.   This restaurant can seat 1,100 guests at any time.   And with multiple dining rooms, you don’t feel crowded.   As we head toward the exit, we loved this stack of small plates.

We loved this stack of plates. Red flag is up. Zeb and Chanel want more sopaipillas.

We just had to smile seeing them.   Zeb and Chanel raised the flag; more sopaipillas, please??  But moms said no, time to go.   But, maybe just a quick look through the gift shop.   Some of my duck relatives live here.

Some relatives at Casa Bonita

There is so much more to see at Casa Bonita.   Strolling musicians, great mariachis entertain as you dine. Perhaps watch a magic show.  You can have a picture drawn, try the arcade games, see what the fortune telling machine predicts for you and explore even more areas of this restaurant.   Casa Bonita opened in Lakewood, Colorado in 1974 and has been entertaining visitors since. We had a wonderful afternoon at Casa Bonita.   We hope you visit, eat, explore and enjoy some time here also.



The Rink at Belmar with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

I, Zeb the Duck, have a great idea for you during this Holiday season.   Soapy Smith Duck, our Alaska cousin, Eider Duck, and I, Zeb the Duck, went to Belmar shopping area in Lakewood, Colorado.

Belmar shopping center.  The B really is on this sign.

Belmar shopping center.  The B really is on this sign.  Letters change between green and red.

We didn’t come to shop.   We came for The Rink.   The Rink is an outside ice skating area for humans.   Look at the humans having a great time on ice skates.

Ice skating at The Rink in Belmar

Ice skating at The Rink in Belmar

We sat on the table watching the human skaters.

Humans on ice skates

Humans on ice skates

Again, we would love to be humans.   The area is decorated for Christmas.

Big Christmas tree

Big Christmas tree

See the decorations over the street, the Christmas tree and all the magical lights.   The lights are magical when it is dark, but we were there this afternoon, so the lights were not turned on yet.  These white trees decorated some streets here.

White trees for Christmas

White trees for Christmas

During the winter, we still have nice sunny days, so head out to The Rink.   We think it will be open through late January.  This is the sign explaining the hours and rates for skating.

See you at Belmar soon.

See you at Belmar soon.

We hope you come to Belmar to ice skate, or any ice skating rink near you.   Enjoy this winter activity.   We would if we had ice skates to fit our duck feet.

Tails of the Painted Cats with Zeb the Duck

Yesterday I, Zeb the Duck , and mom explored Lakewood Arts Council Gallery.

We are going to an art gallery

We are going to an art gallery

The special exhibit is cats.

Cat Art

Cat Art

This is Tails of the Painted Cats time.  We loved all the cat art.  Here are a few of the cats.

I like this cat

I like this cat

Movie watchers will recognize this tiger,

I remember Richard Parker

I remember Richard Parker

Richard Parker, from Life of Pi.  This is the only cat art with real cat whiskers.  He looks wonderful

We also like his friend,

Richard Parker and friend

Richard Parker and friend Purrlock Holmes

a pipe-smoking cat with a monocle.

The cat art will be auctioned at Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner and Auction on Saturday, July 26, 2014.  The auction and dinner will be held at Pinehurst Country Club and benefit of the Cat Care Society.

Available at auction

Aspen Cat, Available at auction

The Cat Care Society offers limited admission cage free shelter for homeless and abused cats while providing community outreach programs to enrich the lives of people and cats.

Could live at your house

Could live at your house

Visit for more information.  This is a really interesting and informative website.

New this year is the Flat Cat Paintings.

New this year

New this year

What is Flat Cats?

Flat Cats

Flat Cats

This cat not only has the glasses he is wearing, but there are two additional pair of glasses the will accompany this cat to his new home.

Now this sees all.

Now this sees all.

Another flat cat

Love the colors

Love the colors


Mom and I love these cats.

There will also be paintings done by real kittens.  These have not been created yet, but kitten paws are put in paint.  Then the kittens walk and prance on white or dark canvas.  The resulting paintings are wonderful.  Go to the auction July 26 and bid on some of these pieces of art.

Colorado cats

Colorado cats

Maybe this one?  You will be happy you went.

We enjoyed this exhibit at Lakewood Arts Council Gallery at 85 S Union in Lakewood, Colorado.  The cats will be here until May 29.

Another cat to enjoy and admire

Another cat to enjoy and admire

From May 30 to June 22 this exhibit will be at Main Street Gallery in Evergreen, Colorado.  This is a wonderful gallery.   We especially appreciated the different types of art.   Lakewood Arts Council Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and it is free.  We thought this zebra was fabulous also.

This zebra is so cute

This zebra is so cute

Mom and I will come back here.  We hope you do, too.  Visit for more information.

Colorado Mills Mall

Yesterday we went to the mall.  We had never been to a mall before.  Wow!  It is so much more than shopping.

I, Zeb the duck, my Alaska cousin, my Alaska uncle and my mom went to Colorado Mills in Lakewood, Colorado.  The humans immediately headed to Cinnabons.  It did smell wonderful.  They got the food and drinks and we were ready to experience our first taste.

Ready to taste.  Smells so good!

Ready to taste. Smells so good!

It was soooo good.  Warm; tasting of cinnamon, sweet bread and creamy frosting.  One Cinnabon has pecans.  Yum!  We will be asking to return here, often.

While eating, we saw the carousel.

Looks fun

Looks fun

Or, some humans call it a Merry Go Round.  Here we are checking things.

We can ride this horse

We can ride this horse

This is fun.

Next we walked around the mall and took a ride on Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Wow!  We are riding Clifford

Wow! We are riding Clifford

We like this place.

While we were on Clifford, a train came down the walkway in the mall.  We did not get to ride on the train because we were still on Clifford, but maybe next time.

A train in the mall.  This is fantastic!

A train in the mall. This is fantastic!

We used to think that malls would be boring for us, just watching humans shop, but this was fun.  Mom said we could go to other malls soon and see the Christmas decorations and maybe see Santa Claus.  She says Christmas is coming soon.  It sounds like fun.  Keep reading here and share our duck adventures.  Tell us what you think about malls and everywhere we go.  We love to hear from humans.