West Rim of the Grand Canyon with Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck

Heading for the Hualapai Indian Nation at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, we stop to see the Joshua trees.

Joshua trees

These unusual trees are relatively fast growing, for the desert.   During the first 10 years, they may grow 3 inches per year.   Joshua trees are found in the southwestern desert of the United States.   We reach the Hualapai Indian Nation land.   Our car must stay in the parking lot.   Entering the building, part restaurant, part gift shop and where we decide which package to purchase.   We want to fly into the Grand Canyon.   Really moms?   Yes they mean it.   We are inside the helicopter.

We’re inside helicopter

Humans have ridden in helicopters before, but this is a first for Zeb and Soapy.   We are flying!

Flying low and approaching Grand Canyon

Flying low and approaching the canyon.   Wow!   We are in the Grand Canyon.

Colorado River in Grand Canyon

We are below the canyon rim.   The Colorado River continues flowing and adding more depth to the Grand Canyon.   Isn’t this beautiful?

Colorado River cutting the Grand Canyon

We love flying here, seeing the Colorado River and the canyon wall.   But, all things must end.

Soapy’s mom and a park employee.  With Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck

Soapy’s mom and an employee are holding us by our helicopter.   Next we visit the Skywalk.   As we approach, we see this employee trying to prevent humans from falling into the Grand Canyon.

This employee try to prevent humans from falling into the Grand Canyon. No guardrails here

You will notice there are no guard rails here.    OK moms.   What is the Skywalk?   Oh.   We are going on that walkway that has nothing under it?

The Skywalk

We will be able to look down, through our feet, and see the canyon bottom 4,000 feet below us.   OK.  Let’s enter the building, which is also a museum with gift shop.   But now we are going on the Skywalk.

This is the way

We cannot take purses, cameras, phones or any personal items.   Our stuff goes into the lockers.   Mom did get one photo looking out before we put all our things in the locker.

On the Skywalk

We walk on the glass type floor.   The Skywalk is horseshoe shaped, and 20 feet from the side of the canyon.   Nothing but air between us and the floor of the canyon, 4,000 feet down.   Soapy’s mom saw something red on the ground.   The employee said it was a red umbrella.   Sure looked small.   The floor is slightly opaque on each side and clear in the middle.   Some humans are a little frightened, but we loved the Skywalk.   Professional photographers take our photos.   They suggest poses that relax the humans.   If you are near the West Rim, visit the Skywalk and maybe take a helicopter ride.   It is great.   Remember, this is the Hualapai Nation land, so National Park passes are not accepted here.   This portion of the Grand Canyon is managed and controlled by the Hualapai Nation, not US National Park Service.   Just pay for it and enjoy the experience.   We did.   Next we rode the shuttle bus to Guano Point.   Yes that is an usual name.   Guano does mean poop.   At one time bat poop, or bat guano was mined here.   The guano, rich in nitrogen, is used for fertilizer.   However, it was too expensive to mine and produce fertilizer.   This seating area was convenient if you wanted o purchase a snack or beverage.

Seating while having a snack at Guano Point

A large crow is also enjoying the area.   Humans and ducks can walk around on the rocks here.

Guano Point

You can see more humans on the rocks.   As always, we are in awe of the Grand Canyon.

Guano Point

The size and beauty are incredible.   We hope you visit the Grand Canyon soon.   We loved the South Rim and now we love the West Rim.

Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear Enjoy Lunch at the Ship Tavern

I, Zeb the Duck, and Chanel the Bear, took our moms to lunch.   We went to the Ship Tavern at Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel.

Denver's Brown Palace Hotel

Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel

The statue in front is dedicated to the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo, held in Denver every January.   During the Christmas Season the Brown Palace has elegant decorations.

Elegant and festive

Elegant and festive

High tea is being held now.   The Brown Palace has several dining options.

Ellyngton's looks good, but not for us today.

Ellyngton’s looks good, but not for us today.

Ellyngton’s was tempting, but it was not our main reason for coming today.   The Brown Palace, built in 1892, is Denver’s second oldest hotel.   The Oxford Hotel, completed a year earlier, is the oldest.   The Brown Palace was one of America’s first fireproof structures.   That is impressive, but we were not here because of fires either.    We wanted to eat at Ship Tavern.

Here it is!

Here it is!

We, a duck and a bear, did not know humans made reservations for lunch.   We did not make reservations.   The lady said we could make a reservation for less than an hour from now.   The extra time allowed us to explore.   Outside we saw this sky bridge.

A sky bridge

A sky bridge

The bridge connects the Brown Palace to what was built in 1959, as the Brown Palace West.   It is now the Holiday Inn Express.   Chanel and I wanted to walk through the sky bridge.   We entered from the Holiday Inn Express side.

Walking in sky bridge

Walking in sky bridge

This is a pretty walk.   There is a service tunnel under the street, but we could not go there.  Entering the Brown Palace, we liked overlooking the high tea.

Overlooking high tea

Overlooking high tea

The stairway has many red poinsettias.   These flowers, from Mexico, are very festive.   Why did Chanel and I want to go to the Ship Tavern?   In 1935 when prohibition ended in the United States, Charles Boettcher, the hotel owner at that time, decided to celebrate and had the Ship Tavern built.   Mr. Boettcher had a large collection of model ships.   His wife said he had too many.   So, many of the ships are now on display in Ship Tavern.   It is time and we are ready to enter Ship Tavern.

Let's go inside Ship Tavern

Let’s go inside Ship Tavern

We must stop to admire this ship at the entrance.

Ship at entrance

Ship at entrance

The restaurant is not large, but it is famous for the best prime rib in Denver.   But, we just want sandwiches for lunch.   Ships are displayed on the walls.

Ships displayed on walls

Ships displayed on walls

We love these ships.   Our moms liked their lunch and we all liked Ship Tavern.   So many ships.

We like ships

We like ships

Each is perfect and we enjoyed Charles’ ship collection.   If you are in Denver and want to have a great meal, remember Ship Tavern at the Brown Palace Hotel.   We might see you there.