Leaving Fairbanks and Alaska with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

We are heading home??  What?? There is so much more to see.   We ducks do not want to go home yet.   Our moms say, don’t worry.   We will stop often on the way home to see different things than last year.   And a few of our favorites that we want to experience again.   OK.  Leaving Chena Hot Springs, our first stop is Salcha, Alaska at The Knotty Shop.

The Knotty Shop.

This is a great store, featuring items made in Alaska.   The name, Knotty Shop, comes from the knots or bumps (burls) on the trees.   Last year we stopped here so you can read more about it in older posts.   This year we purchased some clothing, t-shirts, sweats, and socks.   Also another Ulu knife.   A hand carved wooden basket, jewelry, Alaskan made jam and, of course, ice cream cones.  Lots of time shopping, so we spent the night at Alaska Steakhouse and Motel in Delta Junction, Alaska.

Alaska Steakhouse and Motel in Delta Junction, Alaska

At Delta we officially began driving on the Alaska Highway.

Heading southeast on Alaska Highway toward Canada

Beautiful scenery as we head toward the Canadian Yukon Territory.   We stopped at roadside rest areas often.

Roadside pullout. Great areas for walking and enjoying scenery.

Stopped to appreciate the breathtaking views.   Also, Chloe likes to get out of the car and do a little exploring.   So do the humans.   While driving, as we completed a curve in the road we startled a black bear and he ran down a path into the woods.   He was so cute to watch.   Of course, too fast to get a photo.   We arrived in Tok, Alaska, the last Alaskan town on the Alaska Highway.

Burnt Paw gift shop. Tok, Alaska

Our first stop was the Burnt Paw.   This is a great gift shop, a snack area, motel with cabins, and source of eqipment for dog sleds.

Tok, Alaska. Burnt Paw

Isn’t this a great dog sled at the store entrance?  More shopping.  Souvenirs, gifts and treats for Chloe.   Next stop in Tok was Fast Eddies.

Fast Eddies in Tok, Alaska

We stopped for food and it was delicious.   Since it was Mother’s Day, Fast Eddies was treating mothers to free dessert cupcakes.

Mother’s Day complementary dessert from Fast Eddie

We had Red Velvet and Lemon Meringue cupcakes.   Very tasty and we enjoyed them.   Thanks Fast Eddie!  Continuing toward the Yukon, we crossed the Tanana River a few times.

Tanana River in Alaska

We like this river.   You may remember last June we rode on the Tanana River while on Riverboat Discovery in Fairbanks.  We have arrived in the Yukon.

Enter Canada’s Yukon Territory

We cleared US and Canadian customs.   We stayed in Beaver Creek in the Yukon.   Beaver Creek RV and Motel was our home for the night.  Camping is a very popular way to travel but we prefer to stay in hotels.   At the campground we did enjoy these carved statues of early pioneers.

Historic figures in campground

The Visitor’s Center is across the street.

Yukon Visitor’s Center

The lady there was very friendly.   She even invited Chloe, Soapy Smith Duck’s dog, to come inside.  She likes dogs and told us about her sled dogs.   She told us much about Beaver Creek now and about Beaver Creek in the past.   Very interesting.   She suggested we stop at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church.

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church built around quonset hut

Isn’t it a quaint little church?   This church was built around a quonset hut left over from the days of the Alaska Highway construction.   Please take a little time to explore any town you visit.   We always find some interesting and unexpected things.


The Knotty Store in Alaska with Eider Duck

Our Alaska cousin, Eider Duck, wanted to show us his favorite gift shop.   Near Fairbanks, in Salcha, Alaska you can find The Knotty Shop.

The Knotty Store

The Knotty Store

The name comes from the Knotty Pine wood.   Inside the store you will find so many Alaskan gifts.   Much is handcrafted by Alaska’s residents.   There is a large selection of clothing.   The knives feature the Alaskan ulu knife, some of them with the handle and stand crafted from Alaska’s diamond willow wood.   Wooden bowls are also popular items at The Knotty Store, as is a birch stein with a lid.   The food section features many flavors of syrup.   Fireweed syrup is available, as is salmonberry syrup, (what is salmonberry?) along with a favorite, wild blueberry syrup.   The Wildlife Museum highlights several Alaskan mounts.

Indoor Wildlife Museum

Indoor Wildlife Museum

Eider lives here, so these animals do not make him nervous.

Love the fox

Love the fox

We think the fox could be our friend.   While the selection of gifts is incredible, the real attraction is outside.



Eider wants you to see several of these carved animals.



We really think they all are wonderful.



Such talent to make these.

Takes talent

Takes talent

Eider loves to visit this store.

Eider rides again

Eider rides again

We could not choose a favorite.

Moose or caribou?

Moose, reindeer or caribou?

But these antlers do grab and hold our attention.   Which is your favorite?   For more information and photos of The Knotty Shop, visit http://www.AlaskaKnottyShop.com   Eider, we love this shop.   Thanks for sending us the photos, cousin Eider.