Zeb the Duck heads to Cripple Creek and Victor, Colorado

Today I, Zeb the Duck, am taking mom and a friend to Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Cripple Creek, Colorado

Cripple Creek is an old mining town in Colorado.   And that is why we are here today.   Our friend’s grandfather left Illinois and came to Cripple Creek about 1900.   The family story says he had mine claims but did not become rich.   In fact, he lost most of his money here.   The family has a photo of him in Cripple Creek, wearing a bear skin coat, from a bear he shot.   We are here today, looking for any records about Grandpa.   First stop is the museum in Cripple Creek.

Cripple Creek Museum

They used to have records available to the public, but not now.   The very nice lady suggested we go the the nearby town of Victor to search for records.   On our way to Victor, we stopped at the outdoor mining exhibit.

Cripple Creek and Victor gold rush

Wow.   Did you read that?? The towns of Cripple Creek and Victor had a really huge amount of gold.   More gold here than in the California and Alaska gold fields, combined.   There were a few old gold mining machines here, but look at this huge tire.

Huge tire

You can hardly see me in this tire.   What do they do with these giant tires?

Tire information

Each tire weighs 3,270 pounds and costs $14,500.   We will never complain about buying new tires for our cars again.   There is now surface mining in this area.   In Victor, we see that things have not changed much.

Victor, Colorado

We love this sign.   Let’s see what was happening in Victor during the gold rush.

Victor, Colorado during the gold rush

Famous people here, Jack Dempsey, a famous fighter, Lowell Thomas, famous radio and TV commentator, and what??  Soapy Smith was here also.   Isn’t this exciting?  Soapy Smith was promoting bullfights.   And fire station.


Buildings look the same as when they were built over 100 years ago.   Here is the Lowell Thomas museum.

Lowell Thomas museum

There is an entire section dedicated to Lowell Thomas.   Also many interesting things from Victor and Cripple Creek.   Isn’t this a cute church?

Friends of St. Victor church

This is Friends of St. Victor Church.   Next to the church I, Zeb the Duck, loved this grotto.

Grotto next to church

Of course, while in Victor we inquired about records from the mining days.   They said they did not have any available, but to try Teller County Courthouse.   So, back to Cripple Creek to Teller County Courthouse.

Teller County Court House

We were sent to three different offices and each person we spoke with was so nice.   Everyone looked through the records in their office, but did not find anything we wanted.   But the staff was so helpful and showed us what they did have and let us also look at the records.   But, no records from Grandpa were to be found.   The humans will have to think and decide if they have any other ideas of places to look.   I would not be surprised if in the future we try again.   Leaving the courthouse and heading for our car, we encountered some of the local residents.

Local residents

They are descendants from the mining days and the working burros.

I think he likes me

I love this burro.   He is so relaxed and comfortable with humans and a rubber duck.   Well, time to leave Cripple Creek, but we make one last stop.   This is the famous, former brothel.   The gray building on the right.

Former brothel

Pearl DeVere was the madame and although shunned by the good people of Cripple Creek, she was very generous, helping the children and the poor.  During this time, miners earned about $3.00 per day.   Pearl’s ladies received $250 per night, which included dinner with Russian caviar, and French champaign, and the company of the lady.   And each gentlemen had to pass a personal and financial background check.  We learned about Pearl a few years ago when we were here for the cemetery tour.   Cripple Creek is a great town.   We think you would enjoy a visit here.

A Glimpse of Victor, Colorado with Zeb the Duck

A few days ago I told you about the Donkey Derby in Cripple Creek.  After the Donkey Derby, we went the short distance to Victor.   Victor is often referred to as the city of mines.

Entering Victor, Colorado

Entering Victor, Colorado

Gold was discovered there in the late 19th century.

This is one of the old homes in town.

Very nice home

Very nice home

I love the design of these older homes.  The Baptists were the first to organize a church in Victor, and that church is still an important part of the community today.

Baptist church in Victor, Colorado

Baptist church in Victor, Colorado

This church has a two-story brick bell tower.

This is the fire department.

Great fire trucks!

Great fire trucks!

Isn’t that a great door!  Near the fire department we found an ore cart.

Wow!  A ton of gold ore

Wow! A ton of gold ore

This cart, when filled, contains one ton of gold ore!

Here I am riding a blue elk.

Zeb riding the blue ek

Zeb riding the blue ek

Even historic mining towns  have cute things for tourists and this traveling duck.

A reminder of the gold days of the late 19th century and early 20th century, this gold mine looks pretty good.

Old gold mine

Old gold mine

And, today they are still mining here in Victor.  In 2012 they brought 250,000 troy ounce of gold from the mines.  The Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine is a successful, working gold mine.

Visit this museum

Visit this museum

Victor, the city of gold mines, is nearly 10,000 feet above sea level and is on the southwest side of Pikes Peak about 50 miles from Colorado Springs.  You will enjoy a visit to this town.  We did!