Colorado has an Alligator Farm

Alligators are not usually a duck’s best friends, but this was fun—and a little scary for me.  North of Alamosa, Colorado, we visited the alligator and reptile farm.

Colorado Alligators!!!

Colorado Alligators!!!

I saw lizards, snakes, turtles, even an opossum, fish, and many alligators.

alligators.  Friend or foe??

alligators. Friend or foe??

Why alligators in Colorado?

These guys started a fish farm raising tilapia, and needed a way to dispose of the fish waste.  They brought a few alligators to be the garbage disposals.  The alligators reproduced, the pubic wanted to see the alligators, so these smart guys charged people to see the alligators.  Then sold food to feed the alligators.  Also the alligators took care of the unwanted fish parts.  And the place just keeps growing and they are still raising and selling tilapia.  These are smart, and very nice, businessmen.

Soon after paying the entrance fee, my humans were holding alligators!

My Alaska uncle with an alligator!!

My Alaska uncle with an alligator!!

Large African Sulcata turtles

African turtle inside.  Not alligator food

African turtle inside. Not alligator food

were wandering the reptile area.  Hot and tropical in there.  Outside alligators were in enclosed lake areas.  The gators loved the alligator food tossed to them.  Looked like big chunks of Purina dog food to me, but I was happy the alligators liked that food and were not looking at me as a snack.

Look but don't eat!

Look but don’t eat!

Let’s talk about unusual human behavior.  There was a group of girls, and a guy.  This was a wedding party and the bachelorette party (Yes, the bride and attendants) came to wrestle alligators.  With an employee guide, into the water a young lady goes.  Drags the alligator out by his tail.  Sits on the alligator, holds him under the chin and pulls his head up.

She is a very brave bride!!

She is a very brave bride!!

My, alligators have big mouths!  Was fascinating to watch, but my humans stayed with me, outside the alligator area.

An alligator movie star, Morris, was present.  Morris the alligator starred in several movies made in Hollywood, including Happy Gilmore.  Near Morris was the white albino alligator.

Albino alligator

Albino alligator

This made a nice change for me.  Didn’t look as threatening as all the green/black alligators.  Still had a big mouth full of sharp teeth though.

Walking along paths by the alligators, we saw this colorful bird.

A bird near alligators

A bird near alligators

I thought this blog needed some of my feathered kind, so here are a few.  Even a wild duck, perhaps a distant relative.

Possible cousin??

Possible cousin??

An alligator farm in Colorado is just too weird to miss.

You will want to see these alligators.  Visit soon

You will want to see these alligators. Visit soon

You will enjoy the experience.  I did and didn’t even come close to being their snack.  Visit for more information.


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