NRA Whittington Center at Raton, New Mexico

My humans took me to New Mexico.  The NRA Whittington Center is 33,000 protected acres.

NRA Whittington Center at Raton New Mexico.  Zeb and Alaska uncle.

NRA Whittington Center at Raton New Mexico. Zeb and Alaska uncle.

Within the property, we can shoot on several ranges, we can hunt at certain times of the year and in certain areas, we can hike, ride bikes, drive almost abandoned roads, including those through a former coal mining town.

From coal mining town

From coal mining town

This tunnel is left from coal mining operations.

former coal mining area

former coal mining area

We even stopped at the remains of the company store.

Not much shopping here today

Not much shopping here today

We could use primitive campsites, RV campsites with water and electricity or stay in guest accommodations with dining facilities.  My humans got us a room in Raton, New Mexico.

The Whittington Center has Adventure Camps for young men and women.  We were there to celebrate 25 years of Adventure Camp.  One evening we had a chuck wagon dinner in Coal Canyon.  Good food and lots of reminiscing about previous years.  Also enjoyed the beautiful setting, surrounded by mountains and beautiful blue sky.  On the way out of the canyon, we saw these deer.

Deer watching us watch them

Deer watching us watch them

They seemed to enjoy watching us as much as we enjoyed seeing them.

One morning the humans were shooting huge guns on one of the ranges.  My Alaska uncle shot the Barrett 50 caliber rifle

Big gun with big noise

Big gun with big noise

and the 338 Lapua Mag rifle.  He kept one empty shell casing from each rifle.  They are very large.  The noise was so loud; it set off the alarm on our car.  No reason to lock car out there, so that solved the problem.

One afternoon at a different shooting range at the Whittington Center, a representative from Glock Firearms provided Glock pistols and lots of ammunition.  The targets looked like 5 speed limit signs.  The shooters had to shot and hit each target in a certain order.  They were timed on this event.  They shot target one, then two, then five, then four and last target 3.  Two of my humans did this.

Shooting a Glock

Shooting a Glock

My Alaska uncle did very well and my Colorado mom was good.  She hit the targets, but was a little slower than my uncle.  Both did well and had fun.  The humans all wear ear protection, but my duck ears really heard the noise.

When the shooting ranges are not in use, this baby antelope with mom decided it was snack time.

Snack time

Snack time on shooting range

At the final evening banquet, my Alaska uncle won a door prize, eye protection glasses for shooting, or for using power tools.  My Colorado mom has these glasses she uses when cutting branches with a small electric chain saw.   My uncle seems to win a lot of prizes at these conventions.  Previously he won a gun safe and another time, he won a gun.  Mom won nothing.  Lucky she has me.

In the main building, there is a gift shop, of course, and also a really interesting museum.  The Frank Brownell Museum of the Southwest has lots of gun information, lots of American history, lots of New Mexico history, and artifacts from World Wars I and II.  They change the exhibits often, so go and go often.  The Whittington Center is open to the public, not just NRA members.  There is something to interest everyone.  Even Zeb the duck. Stop in soon and see for yourself what this is all about.  For more information visit

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