Palomas, Mexico

I, Zeb the duck, am still excited about visiting Mexico for a few hours.  Yesterday I told you about the Pink Store in Palomas.

This is a great place

This is a great place

It was fascinating and had skeleton items for Mexico’s Day of the Dead.  If you missed my experience, please go back and read it.  I love that store.

But, as much fun as shopping was for me, there are other parts of Palomas.  There were a few other stores.  There are liquor stores and pharmacies.  We did talk to a few street vendors.  One man was selling sunglasses, another sold straw hats and another sold DVDs and CDs.  There were more restaurants in town.  They had a tempting aroma as we walked past.  We eat a lot, but one lunch was enough.  These ladies were dressed up and looked very nice.

Dressed up and so pretty

Dressed up and so pretty

Thought you would like to see them.

I did see a lot of dental and vision offices.

Medical tourism is big here

Medical tourism is big here

I learned that many people come to Mexico to have medical procedures done.  Being a duck, I don’t worry about dental and vision problems, but humans do.

Leaving the main shopping and tourist area, we walked to the park.  Most Mexican towns have a large plaza in town.  Sometimes this is called the alameda.  In Palomas this plaza is very pretty and there is a large gazebo in the center.

Great gazebo in plaza

Great gazebo in plaza

Lots of grass and trees here and sidewalks leading to the gazebo.  I love these plazas.

Across the street from the plaza is an old church.

Old churches are comforting.  Love them

Old churches are comforting. Love them

We were there Sunday, and mass just ended as we arrived.  Everybody looked so nice coming out of the church.

A few blocks from the plaza we saw this statue of a horseman.

This is a big horse

This is a big horse

A large statue but the sculpture had great detail on it.  I felt proud to be here.

I know that people are concerned about safety going to Mexican border towns now, but mom and I felt very safe here.  Everyone was very nice.  There were several Americans in town.  Some drove here but most like us, walked across the border.  If you are near Columbus, New Mexico, I hope you will come to Palomas.  We had a wonderful time here and I know you will enjoy it also.  Come to eat, come to shop and come to enjoy the city of Palomas, Mexico.  Look at for more information.

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