Juarez, Mexico with Colorado Traveling Ducks and Chloe

After leaving Palomas, Mexico, we drove across the desert, along the US-Mexico border.   The sky was dark, very few vehicles on the road, but we enjoyed the night drive.   Many times the only lights visible were from the old international border wall.  After a little more than one hour, we arrived in El Paso, Texas.   Checked into our rooms, spending a couple days in El Paso.   Walking in El Paso, our humans wanted to walk across one of the international bridges.   We went into the customs area to see if we could take Soapy Smith Duck’s dog Chloe into Mexico, and then back into the US.  We did not have Chloe’s record of shots, but we did have her rabies tag.   After seeing Chloe, talking to the humans, checking passports, Chloe was allowed into Mexico and was assured we could bring her back. We would definitely return before these border agents were finished woking for the day.

International bridge between El Paso, Texas, USA and Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Soapy Smith Duck’s mom and dog, Chloe, ready to cross into Mexico.   This is the second day in Mexico for Zeb and Soapy.   But this Chloe’s first international trip.   After walking across one of the three international bridges between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, this was our first view of Juarez.

Walking into Juarez

Not a busy street at the moment.   Many people were interested in Chloe.   She is a pretty dog.   Some wanted to pet her and some were afraid of her.   Our moms watched her very closely.  She is not used to many new people.   But Chloe was wonderful and it seemed like everyone loved her.   We thought this was unusual.

Rhino on balcony

It is not often we see  a statue of a rhinoceros on a patio.   We could not go inside the building with Chloe, so we are not sure what that was about.   US dollars can be exchanged for Mexican pesos.

Exchange money here

One US dollars gets 18.60 Mexican pesos.   But only exchange what you will spend.   If you want to sell pesos to repurchase your US dollars, you must pay 19.10 pesos for a dollar.   We were only here for a short time, so we did not exchange any money.   We did not find any restaurants with outdoor patios that were open, so we purchased street tacos from a vender.   We paid in US dollars, so the price was a little higher, but we were fine with that.

Delicious street tacos

We wanted 3 tacos, but we got 3 orders of tacos, about 12.   We ate a lot and gave some tacos to people on the street.   The tacos were delicious.   And a little messy.  The humans decided Chloe had been here long enough, so we started back across the bridge to El Paso, Texas, USA.

Chloe and Soapy’s mom heading back to USA

From the bridge we could see the Rio Grande.   The river separates Mexico and the United States.  The bridges are quite long.   We enjoyed the walk and looking down at the river and the international border.   This is a very busy border crossing area, with 3 major bridges.  In 2017, each day about 20,000 pedestrians, 35,000 cars and 2,500 cargo trucks cross from Mexico into the US.   That is traffic for each day of the year.   This area is called the world’s largest international border metroplex.   The border between the US and Mexico is 1,954 miles (3,145 km) with 48 official US-Mexico border crossings.   Within these 48 border crossings are 330 ports of entry.   The border also extends several miles into the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.   In January 2009 there were over 580 miles (930 km) of border barrier in place.

Traffic coming into El Paso

Looking back from the US into Mexico, there is a lot of traffic on this one bridge, cars waiting to enter El Paso, Texas.  There was no problem getting Chloe back into El Paso, Texas.   The friendly agents were waiting for her.   We all had a great time in Juarez, even though it was a short visit.   We hope you cross borders and visit new places.   It is fun and we always meet nice people.


Palomas, Mexco and back to the Pink Store with Zeb and Soapy

We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, and humans are back in Palomas, Mexico.   And that means we are going to the Pink Store.

The Pink Store

We love the Pink Store.   This is only our third time visiting, but we look forward to shopping and having lunch here.  And mom did promise that next trip to the Pink Store, she will get a better photo of the store.  It’s really not that dark and dreary there.   The most notable items are possibly the bigger than life statues for Day of the Dead celebrations.

Day of Dead statues

In Mexico, Day of the Dead is celebrated November 1 and November 2.   Many believe the spirits of deceased relatives return to their homes.   Death is not feared, but embraced as a part of human life.

Day of Dead

Here are more items for Day of the Dead.  We like the dogs on the bottom shelf.   Often the living will assemble an “ofrenta”, or memorial of items important to the deceased while they were alive.   But there are many more items at the Pink Store.

Huge selection of pottery

Many pottery items.   All of these are hand painted.


We feel that the Pink Store offers some of the best Mexico has to offer.   The items here are of good quality and made in Mexico.   We like the hand blown glass.

Hand blown glass and silver jewelry

And of course, the silver jewelry is beautiful.

Glass vases

These glass vases are pretty also.   The dolls are so festive.

Dolls and a duck

Too bad we don’t have lots of empty shelves at home.   The sheets of papel picado, or cut paper, are really nice, with so much detail.

Colorful paper cutouts available

And who can resist the had painted pottery and ceramics figures?

So festive!

Not us.   We do a little shopping, then have lunch or dinner here at the Pink Store’s restaurant.   A day at the Pink Store is very enjoyable.   And we always seem to have several packages to carry across the international border to our waiting car.   We think you would also enjoy a day, or more, at the Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico.   That is just across the international border from Columbus, New Mexico.   And, the Pink Store and Palomas are not crowded.   You will feel welcome and be able to look and enjoy everything in this small Mexican town.

Palomas, Mexico with Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck

Palomas, Mexico, is a small, friendly and uncrowded border town.   And we love visiting.

Main street of Palomas, Mexico. Traffic but not congestion.

We parked our car in a lot in New Mexico.   Walking across the international bridge into Palomas, Mexico, we notice and remember all the dental buildings.

Medical tourism is very popular. Excellent dental care available at reasonable prices

Medical tourism, especially dental work, is very available in Palomas.   Many of the dentists offer procedures at a much more reasonable price than we can find in the United States.   However, we did not come for dental or any other medical reasons.   We just came for fun, shopping and eating.     Walking into Palomas, we admired the detail work on this statue.

Statue in plaza

Because this is a small town, and not a big tourist destination, there are very few street venders.   We usually see someone selling sunglasses and maybe a small food cart.   But the large selections of silver jewelry and other souvenirs often sold by venders, are usually absent in Palomas.  The gazebo in a park caught our attention, also.

Gazebo in plaza

The cathedral is very prominent and nice.

Cathedral in Palomas

We love these old cathedrals.   Walking down the street, we love the bright colors worn by many of the females.

Beautiful bright dresses

These dresses are really beautiful.   On the main street, we appreciated the statue of the man playing the accordion.

Statue of musician by the street

In another plaza we spotted this statue of a man and his guitar.

Statue of musician in plaza

The same plaza had beautiful carved wooden doors.

Beautiful carved doors

We love the craftsmanship of so many things in Mexico.   Further into town, we discovered this school for young children.

Painted wall for children school

Perhaps a preschool?

Painted wall on children’s school.

But children all over the world love Winnie the Pooh.   And so do the Colorado Traveling Ducks.   We enjoy wandering around Palomas.   We browse and make purchases in a couple grocery stores.   Always something new.   This time we found large chunks of a pumpkin candy.   And we always get small bottles of fresh vanilla.   Often there are new hair products that we have not seen in stores at home.   And, of course, in Palomas, we always visit The Pink Store.   And have lunch or an early dinner at the restaurant in The Pink Store.   Next time, we will show you some of The Pink Store.

Pancho Villa Attacks the US

The United States was attacked by Pancho Villa and soldiers from Mexico on March 9, 1916.   That was the last time a foreign military attacked a state in the United States.   In case you are wondering, Hawaii was not yet a state December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked.   Also, September 11, 2001 the attack on New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC, was done by hijackers using US commercial airplanes.   But back to Pancho Villa and his attack on Columbus, New Mexico.   In Columbus, we visited the Pancho Villa State Park.

Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus, New Mexico

This park was previously a US military camp, Camp Furlong.  Now it is home to a museum, with memorabilia from the very brief attack, a picnic area and a camp ground.   Here is Cootes Hill, a look out point from the military days.

Cootes Hill

You can see the cacti and flags of the United States and the State of New Mexico.  First let’s visit the museum.

In front of museum

We like the Mexican architecture and the old wagon here.   During the early morning attack, a young family escaped to Deming, about 25 miles north, in a 1915 Dodge Touring Car.

An antique car that survived bullets

All three members of the family survived, but the man did carry a bullet in him for the rest of his life.

1915 Dodge Touring Car with bullet holes

The car and bullet holes.   A close up photo of the driver’s door.

Bullet holes in the door

We are certainly happy all survived.   But let’s talk about the speed of this attack.   On March 9, 1916, at 2:00 a.m., Pancho Villa crosses the US Mexican border, 3 miles south of Columbus.   At 4:11 a.m. there are simultaneous attacks in the center of town and at Camp Furlong.   By 7:30 the last of the Villistas retreat into Mexico.   This attack lasted a little more than 3 hours, but there were casualties.   Ten townspeople from Columbus, New Mexico died.   Eight American soldiers died.   Eight other Americans were wounded.   Estimates are that 90 Villistas were killed and a small number were taken prisoner.   After a trial,  some prisoners were hanged, some jailed and returned to Mexico in 1921.   We ducks think that was a lot of deaths in a three hour attack.   But, let’s see what else is in the museum.   Soon after the attack, General Pershing was sent to Columbus and a tent city was soon built south of the railroad station and south of town.

A tent city was quickly built south of Columbus

We thought this covered wagon, without the cover, was interesting.

Covered wagon, without cover

Large trucks were brought to Columbus.


And airplanes came also.

1916 JN-3 airplane, replica

This is a replica of a 1916 JN-3 Airplane, provided by Roger Freeman of Vintage Aviation.   These were all interesting, but the question is still why did Pancho Villa attach the United States?

Maybe we will never know why Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico

And it is quite possible we will never really know the answer.   The US military spent time and money trying to get Pancho Villa, but he was never captured.   So what happened in Mexico?

Mexican Revolution over

Across the street from Pancho Villa State Park is the first US Military Airbase in the US.

First US airbase in the US

Also in the state park, we visited the headquarters building of Camp Furlong.

Former headquarters of Camp Furlong

Now many people enjoy the New Mexico desert and this picnic area.   There are sites for campers here.

Picnic area

New Mexico is a popular destination for many Americans and Canadians escaping the colder winters in the north.   If you visit Columbus, we hope you take time to explore Pancho Villa State Park and the museum   We think it is quite interesting.

Cozumel, Mexico with Chanel the Bear

Today I, Zeb the Duck, want you to see these photos of Cozumel, Mexico from my friend, Chanel the Bear.

Big boots for a small bear

Big boots for a small bear

Aren’t these the biggest boots you have ever seen with an adorable bear?   Looks like a place to have a lot of fun.   Cozumel is a small island of Mexico.   A great tourist area with fantastic beaches, scuba diving and snorkeling.  These horse drawn carriages looks great and just announce that you are a happy tourist.

Horse drawn carriages in Cozumel, Mexico

Horse drawn carriages in Cozumel, Mexico

I love to see them, Chanel.   Wow!   Look at the size of your cruise ship.

That cruise ship is huge

That cruise ship is huge

These ships really are floating cities, aren’t they?  Thanks for these great photos, Chanel.

Happy Cinco de Mayo 2015

Today is May 5, or cinco de mayo.   This is a holiday in Mexico and is also celebrated in many places in the United States.   May 5, 1862 the French army was defeated at the Battle of Puebla in Mexico.   The smaller Mexican army was able to defeat the French.   This was a great victory for Mexico.   However, the French did eventually win and ruled Mexico for several years.   This festival is also a celebration of the culture of Mexico.   If you go to a festival for cinco de mayo we believe you have  great time.   Enjoy this holiday.

Memories of Mazatlan with Zeb and Eider Duck

It is time to leave Mazatlan and return to Colorado.   As the humans are packing, Zeb and Eider remember some of the great experiences in Mazatlan.   This is the view from our room at Torres Mazatlan.

From our patio at Torres Mazatlan

From our patio at Torres Mazatlan

We are so close to the pool, hot tub, restaurant and beach.     We loved the mariachis at our welcome party.

Mariachis to welcome us to Mazatlan

Mariachis to welcome us to Mazatlan

Some times we just relaxed by the pool, lounging, swimming and more lounging.

Lounging at the pool.

Lounging at the pool.

We were amazed by the variety of items in the market in Mazatlan.   Everything from fresh meat

This is really fresh meat.

This is really fresh meat.

to colorful souvenirs is available.

Can we take it all home???

Can we take it all home???

The cathedrals were all beautiful, but this cathedral in Mazatlan is so close to the market.

Main cathedral in Mazatlan, Mexico

Main cathedral in Mazatlan, Mexico

We enjoyed walking around downtown Mazatlan.   We loved all the beaches.

A relaxing beach day.

A relaxing beach day.

This one is on Stone Island.   That was a great day. The tropical plants were a nice change for us.   This sculptured tree was fun to sit on.

Great for humans and ducks

Great for humans and ducks

The flowering cactus was so pretty, also.

Flowers on the cactus

Flowers on the cactus

One day when we returned to our resort, this bride and groom were posing for wedding pictures.

Weddings are wonderful

Weddings are wonderful

We did enjoy our vacation, but the time has come for the sun to set on our time in Mazatlan.

Hasta luego, Mazatlan

Hasta luego, Mazatlan

We hope you visit Mazatlan soon.

Zeb and Eider Duck on the beaches of Mazatlan, Mexico

Zeb and Eider Duck really loved the beaches of Mazatlan.   Early in the morning we would walk on the beach with mom.   One morning we met this brown bird.

Does he own the beach?   Maybe he does

Does he own the beach? Maybe he does

Then we saw this black and white bird with a bright red beak.

Might be a type of sandpiper??

Might be a type of sandpiper??

Isn’t he so attractive?   During the day, the beach venders were always ready to bring us some refreshments.

Not yet señor

Not yet señor

There were many opportunities for fun and rides at the beach.   This banana boat is ready to take humans for a ride.

Remember the banana ride at Stone Island?

Remember the banana ride at Stone Island?

Another daring choice is parasailing.

Waiting for a customer

Waiting for a customer

The human wears the vest and the boat pulls the human while the parachute lifts him over the ocean.   Too bad ducks can’t ride these. This person is finishing his ride.

Parasailing is fun for humans

Parasailing is fun for humans

The landing on the beach usually requires some assistance.

Ready to land on the beach

Ready to land on the beach

Mom’s favorite beach venders have so much silver jewelry.

Our friend and mom's friend

Our friend and mom’s friend

She usually buys something from them.   Usually more than one day of silver shopping.   Of course, as the day ends and the sun sets, the sky turns brilliant orange and yellow.   This display of colors was the result of clouds in the sky as the sun sets.

Loving these colors.   View from front of our hotel

Loving these colors. View from front of our hotel

Wow!   This is beautiful.

Senor Frog Stores in Mazatlan with Zeb and Eider Duck

Zeb and Eider Duck, took a bus from our resort to town for dinner. We decided to dine at the crazy Senor Frog Restaurant.  Boy, were we surprised—it was closed, but would open the next day.   But we saw these frogs nearby.   There are several official Senor Frog stores in Mazatlan.

One of several Senor Frog stores in Mazatlan

One of several Senor Frog stores in Mazatlan

We loved the frog statues.

This frog is so welcoming.

This frog is so welcoming.

The stuff inside was great also.   Mom bought some pens and a souvenir license plate, but the outside frogs were so special.

Ms Frog is a surfer.   We are going surfing too

Ms Frog is a surfer.  We are going surfing with her

If you have been to Mazatlan, or anywhere that has Senor Frog restaurants, you probably remember these frogs.   If you have not been there yet, this is what you will see when you do go.

High waves.   Ms Frog is holding us now

High waves.  Ms Frog is holding us now

We ducks just loved the frogs and wanted you to see them also.   They should make you smile today.   They make us smile.   However, you really should go into the stores to see all the super stuff they have.

Don't even think about not going into the store

Don’t even think about not going into the store