Enjoying Sydney Harbor with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Today we did a little shopping.   When in Australia, you must purchase Uggs.   Of course, we can buy Uggs at home and many places in the world, but Uggs are from Australia, so this is where we must purchase more.   Each mom purchased a pair of boots and Soapy’s mom also bought a really great jacket.  The timing is perfect.   Uggs on sale now, the beginning of summer in Australia, and November is the beginning of winter in Colorado.   Only concern is getting all this stuff on the plane.   The store we visited did not ship, so moms have a packing challenge.   But, they will do it.   Wandering around Sydney Harbor, we bought boat tickets.

Under Sydney Harbor Bridge

Here we go, under the Sydney Harbor bridge.   And very close, we admire the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

We are blessed with another day of sunny, beautiful weather.

Leaving Circular Quay

This is the dock area of Circular Quay.    A center of activity with shopping, tourism, restaurants and the wonderful water front.   Leaving Circular Quay, we pass this fort.

Old fort

We love the old bricks here.

Homes on hillside

And homes on the hill around the harbor.   Our boat takes us to several ports.


And great beaches.

Explore the shore

Rocky area for climbing and exploring.

Boats near Manly

And boats anchored near Manly Wharf.   Manly is a famous town near Sydney.   Next time we will show you some of Manly.


Zeb and Eider Duck on the beaches of Mazatlan, Mexico

Zeb and Eider Duck really loved the beaches of Mazatlan.   Early in the morning we would walk on the beach with mom.   One morning we met this brown bird.

Does he own the beach?   Maybe he does

Does he own the beach? Maybe he does

Then we saw this black and white bird with a bright red beak.

Might be a type of sandpiper??

Might be a type of sandpiper??

Isn’t he so attractive?   During the day, the beach venders were always ready to bring us some refreshments.

Not yet señor

Not yet señor

There were many opportunities for fun and rides at the beach.   This banana boat is ready to take humans for a ride.

Remember the banana ride at Stone Island?

Remember the banana ride at Stone Island?

Another daring choice is parasailing.

Waiting for a customer

Waiting for a customer

The human wears the vest and the boat pulls the human while the parachute lifts him over the ocean.   Too bad ducks can’t ride these. This person is finishing his ride.

Parasailing is fun for humans

Parasailing is fun for humans

The landing on the beach usually requires some assistance.

Ready to land on the beach

Ready to land on the beach

Mom’s favorite beach venders have so much silver jewelry.

Our friend and mom's friend

Our friend and mom’s friend

She usually buys something from them.   Usually more than one day of silver shopping.   Of course, as the day ends and the sun sets, the sky turns brilliant orange and yellow.   This display of colors was the result of clouds in the sky as the sun sets.

Loving these colors.   View from front of our hotel

Loving these colors. View from front of our hotel

Wow!   This is beautiful.