Colorado Traveling Ducks Visit Manly, near Sydney, Australia

Back on the boat in Sydney Harbor.   They have hop on hop off boats, so we are heading to Manly today.

Manly Wharf

Manly is a  popular beach town near Sydney.   Some people even commute by boat between Manly and Sydney for jobs.   Downtown, we liked the sign for the Municipality of Manly.


Perfect weather led us to wander around, do some shopping, and then think about lunch.


We decided to get sandwiches and eat at the beach.

Manly Beach

These steps were convenient and gave us a great view of the sand and water.   Perhaps we were too interested in the beach and didn’t pay attention to sea gulls behind us.

Adorable seagull or clever thief?

Before our first bite of food, this fellow, or one like him, flew from behind us, dove at our food and got the top bread from one sandwich.   He was quick.   Probably experienced at the grab and fly routine.   We were surprised.   After eating the rest of our lunch, it was time to walk on the beach.

Lifeguards on Manly Beach

We are life guards for the day.   We really think they were training new, young, life guards.

Practicing rescue skills

They ran across the sand and quickly, into the water and on the boards.   We thought they looked very good.   We like this.

Beautiful Manly beach

Families having fun with their children on the beach.   But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.   Time to walk back to catch a boat to Sydney’s Circular Quay.

Looking out to sea

Not expecting to need the life saving ring, we used it as a look out for small ducks to sit.

Back for a snack?

Another look back.   Moms say no time for another snack on the deck.

Stand up paddle boarding

These people are practicing stand up paddle boarding.   Time for us to board our boat.   It is a little windy here.

Windy, but good sailors

These sailboats are leaning, but the crew handles everything.   No over turned boats today.   Tomorrow we leave for our last destination.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

So this is our farewell to Sydney Harbor and Australia.  We love Australia and hope to return and stay for a longer time.   You will love Australia also.


Enjoying Sydney Harbor with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Today we did a little shopping.   When in Australia, you must purchase Uggs.   Of course, we can buy Uggs at home and many places in the world, but Uggs are from Australia, so this is where we must purchase more.   Each mom purchased a pair of boots and Soapy’s mom also bought a really great jacket.  The timing is perfect.   Uggs on sale now, the beginning of summer in Australia, and November is the beginning of winter in Colorado.   Only concern is getting all this stuff on the plane.   The store we visited did not ship, so moms have a packing challenge.   But, they will do it.   Wandering around Sydney Harbor, we bought boat tickets.

Under Sydney Harbor Bridge

Here we go, under the Sydney Harbor bridge.   And very close, we admire the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

We are blessed with another day of sunny, beautiful weather.

Leaving Circular Quay

This is the dock area of Circular Quay.    A center of activity with shopping, tourism, restaurants and the wonderful water front.   Leaving Circular Quay, we pass this fort.

Old fort

We love the old bricks here.

Homes on hillside

And homes on the hill around the harbor.   Our boat takes us to several ports.


And great beaches.

Explore the shore

Rocky area for climbing and exploring.

Boats near Manly

And boats anchored near Manly Wharf.   Manly is a famous town near Sydney.   Next time we will show you some of Manly.

Colorado Traveling Ducks Arrive in Sydney, Australia

Another long overnight flight and we are now on our tour bus in Sydney, Australia.   Here we are at the famous Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach

We love beaches and this is a great one.   Right in the city of Sydney.

Ducks on Bondi Beach

Isn’t this great sand.   Behind us you can see some surfers and a view of Sydney.  Of course we like this fellow.

Our new friend

Ducks and seagulls are friends here.   We believe he is standing on one foot.  We didn’t pose with our new friend, but he sees us.  Soapy’s mom loves beaches.

Soapy’s mom on Bondi Beach

She is ready to stay here and enjoy the beach, but not today.   We ducks found a great place to sit.

Ducks ready to ride

We are ready to ride.   We love beaches, too.   But, back to the bus and a short ride.   We are going to Mrs. Macquarie’s chair.

Information about Mrs. Macquaries Chair

This sign explains the chair.

Ducks on Mrs. Macquarie’s chair

This chair is a little big for the Colorado Traveling Ducks, but we love looking out at the water.  So, let’s leave the chair and walk to the water.

From chair walking to water

Isn’t this beautiful?   We love it.   Let’s go to the railing and the famous Sydney Harbor.

A great view of Sydney Harbor

On the left is a cruise ship.  The ships dock right here in Circular Quay.   Then the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.   This is a perfect view of Sydney Harbor.  But, back to the bus and we are going to Darling Harbor.

Getting on boat for lunch and harbor cruise

Let’s follow Stephanie and get on this boat.   We will have lunch here and enjoy a short harbor cruise.   Lunch was delicious, and now it is time for dessert.

Dessert time

Everything was fabulous, and we loved dessert.  Sitting on deck, we enjoy our harbor cruise.

Ducks on deck

You can see it is not very crowded so we can walk around and see everything.

We love seeing our tracks on the water.

The back of the boat has the least wind, so it is safer for small rubber ducks.   We love to look back and see our trail on the water.   The weather is perfect and we really enjoyed everything we saw today in Sydney.   We want to tell you we were here in early November.   So much has changed since then.   When we were in Australia, we saw no evidence of the horrible fires that would burn so much of the country.   And, of course, none of us had even heard of Coronavirus.   We are so grateful that we went on this trip before our world changed so much.

Australian Reflections Before Zeb and Eider Return to Colorado

So many stalagmites and stalagtites inside the Naracoorte Caves.

Inside cave

Inside Naracoorte Caves

We are near the Great Ocean Road on Australia’s southern coastline.   This arch commemorates the men that built The Great Ocean Road with only axes, shovels and picks.

Memorial Arch

Memorial Arch

No explosives were used building this road.    London Bridge is one of the famous rock formations.

London Bridge

London Bridge

The bridge collapsed in January 1990.   Fortunately no one was injured.   Our last stop was Sydney.   This photo, from a boat in Sydney Harbor, shows the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Leaving Sydney Harbor, we look back at the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Leaving Sydney Harbor, we look back at the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge

These are possibly the most famous landmarks in Sydney.   This boat carried us to see the migrating Humpback Whales.

Tail of humpback whale

Tail of humpback whale

We love whales!   We believe we should show you a few of the Australian animals.   We saw so many that we admired, but here are a few of our favorites.   Emus were in several locations of Australia.

First emu sighting after crossing into the state of Victoria

First emu sighting after crossing into the state of Victoria

The females lay the eggs and the males care for the young.   Of course, koala visits are a necessity when visiting Australia.

Koala on the move

Koala on the move

The kangaroos and the smaller wallabies are just so cute.

Mom with her baby "joey"

Mom with her baby “joey”

These pink and gray galah were one of our first birds of Australia, and mom’s favorite.

Pink and Gray Galah. Wild and beautiful

Pink and Gray Galah.  Wild and beautiful

These white Sulphur Crested Cockatoos seem so exotic to us.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos are plentiful. Considered exotic birds in US and farmers pest here.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos are plentiful.   Considered exotic birds in US and farmers pest here.

They have very strong beaks.   While eating out of mom’s hand, a cockatoo bit her finger.   No blood, but some pain.   Australia is an island, so spectacular sunsets are plentiful.   Some of the best were over the Indian Ocean.

Just beautiful

Just beautiful

We truly enjoyed our Australian adventures.   We hope you will visit there soon.   It is fun and the people we met were all very friendly.

Whale Watching in Sydney with Zeb and Eider Duck

We are back in Sydney, Australia.   We really like the Sydney Opera House.

Zeb and Eider by the Sydney Opera House

Zeb and Eider by the Sydney Opera House

Wow!   Look at this.   If we didn’t already love Sydney, this would do it.

A Chocolate Bar!

A Chocolate Bar!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.   And it is very close to our hotel.   Since we don’t have much time left in Australia, and Sydney is our last stop before the airport and our flight back to the United States, we wanted to do something special today.   We are going on a short cruise to watch whales.   The people at Sydney Harbor say we should see some humpback whales.   We are on the boat, leaving Sydney Harbor.

Leaving Sydney Harbor, we look back at the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Leaving Sydney Harbor, we look back at the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Behind us we are leaving the Sydney Harbor Bridge.   There are people walking on top of the bridge.   To the left is the Sydney Opera House.   The tall building behind the Opera House has a revolving restaurant on the top.   The humans ate there when they were in Sydney 10 years ago.   We are so amazed by these steep cliffs, so close to Sydney.

Steep cliffs as we leave Sydney Harbor

Steep cliffs as we leave Sydney Harbor

The humans on our boat are wandering around, hoping to spot whales.

Humans looking for whales

Humans looking for whales

We ducks also want to see the whales.   There are whales here!

Humpback whales here 6

Humpback whales here

This shooting water is from a humpback whale.   Look!   More than one whale is here.

Shooting water is from a whale 15

Shooting water is from a whale

We see the whale frolicking in the water.

Humpback whale 2

Humpback whale

He jumped in the water and his tail is beautiful.

Tail of humpback whale 11

Tail of humpback whale

We love these whales.

Humpback whales 4

Humpback whales

They seem to be putting on a show just for us.   Look at that perfect tail.

Tail of humpback whale 9

Tail of humpback whale

The lady on the boat is helping us find whales.   There are more than whales here.   She said this bird is an albatross.

An albatross

An albatross

It is time now to head back to Sydney Harbor.   We see more rock cliffs on the way back.

More steep cliffs are we return to Sydney

More steep cliffs are we return to Sydney

Back in Sydney, we head to the shopping area to purchase a few last minute souvenirs.

Last minute shopping at Circular Quay at Sydney Harbor

Last minute shopping at Circular Quay at Sydney Harbor

Our time in Australia is almost over, but we still some more things to show.   See you next time.