Colorado Traveling Ducks Visit Manly, near Sydney, Australia

Back on the boat in Sydney Harbor.   They have hop on hop off boats, so we are heading to Manly today.

Manly Wharf

Manly is a  popular beach town near Sydney.   Some people even commute by boat between Manly and Sydney for jobs.   Downtown, we liked the sign for the Municipality of Manly.


Perfect weather led us to wander around, do some shopping, and then think about lunch.


We decided to get sandwiches and eat at the beach.

Manly Beach

These steps were convenient and gave us a great view of the sand and water.   Perhaps we were too interested in the beach and didn’t pay attention to sea gulls behind us.

Adorable seagull or clever thief?

Before our first bite of food, this fellow, or one like him, flew from behind us, dove at our food and got the top bread from one sandwich.   He was quick.   Probably experienced at the grab and fly routine.   We were surprised.   After eating the rest of our lunch, it was time to walk on the beach.

Lifeguards on Manly Beach

We are life guards for the day.   We really think they were training new, young, life guards.

Practicing rescue skills

They ran across the sand and quickly, into the water and on the boards.   We thought they looked very good.   We like this.

Beautiful Manly beach

Families having fun with their children on the beach.   But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.   Time to walk back to catch a boat to Sydney’s Circular Quay.

Looking out to sea

Not expecting to need the life saving ring, we used it as a look out for small ducks to sit.

Back for a snack?

Another look back.   Moms say no time for another snack on the deck.

Stand up paddle boarding

These people are practicing stand up paddle boarding.   Time for us to board our boat.   It is a little windy here.

Windy, but good sailors

These sailboats are leaning, but the crew handles everything.   No over turned boats today.   Tomorrow we leave for our last destination.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

So this is our farewell to Sydney Harbor and Australia.  We love Australia and hope to return and stay for a longer time.   You will love Australia also.


Enjoying Sydney Harbor with Colorado Traveling Ducks

Today we did a little shopping.   When in Australia, you must purchase Uggs.   Of course, we can buy Uggs at home and many places in the world, but Uggs are from Australia, so this is where we must purchase more.   Each mom purchased a pair of boots and Soapy’s mom also bought a really great jacket.  The timing is perfect.   Uggs on sale now, the beginning of summer in Australia, and November is the beginning of winter in Colorado.   Only concern is getting all this stuff on the plane.   The store we visited did not ship, so moms have a packing challenge.   But, they will do it.   Wandering around Sydney Harbor, we bought boat tickets.

Under Sydney Harbor Bridge

Here we go, under the Sydney Harbor bridge.   And very close, we admire the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

We are blessed with another day of sunny, beautiful weather.

Leaving Circular Quay

This is the dock area of Circular Quay.    A center of activity with shopping, tourism, restaurants and the wonderful water front.   Leaving Circular Quay, we pass this fort.

Old fort

We love the old bricks here.

Homes on hillside

And homes on the hill around the harbor.   Our boat takes us to several ports.


And great beaches.

Explore the shore

Rocky area for climbing and exploring.

Boats near Manly

And boats anchored near Manly Wharf.   Manly is a famous town near Sydney.   Next time we will show you some of Manly.

Zeb and Eider Ride on Sydney Harbour

We are getting on a boat!   This is a hop on hop off ferry in Sydney Harbour.   It works just like the hop on hop buses in many cities. This ticket is good for 24 hours.   Here is a Sydney Harbour National Park.   This is Fort Denison.    IMG_0626At Fort Denison, tours are available and a wonderful buffet may be purchased and enjoyed, right in the middle of Sydney Harbour.   Fort Denison was built in 1855 for protection.   It was probably never used for that, but it is rumored to be a  place of torture for penal use.    Here is the entrance to Taronga Zoo.   To reach the zoo, humans take aerial lifts to reach to the top of this hill.

Entrance to the zoo

Entrance to Taronga zoo

Our next stop was Watsons Bay.   IMG_0597This is a popular destination with tourists and the residents of Sydney.   The many restaurants attract humans and so many seagulls.   The beach looks inviting.   IMG_0615This is the Dunbar House.   IMG_0601This restored building provides breakfast and lunch in a beautiful setting.   Dunbar House is also available to rent for special occasions.   The next stop was at Manly Bay.   We went into the Tasman Sea to get here.

Cliffs of Tasman Sea heading to Manly

Cliffs of Tasman Sea heading to Manly

Passing this light house, the cliffs of Australia are very dramatic.

Lighthouse on cliffs

Lighthouse on cliffs

Arriving at Manly Bay, we realized this also is a popular destination.   There were hotels, many restaurants and lots of water activities.

Town of Manly

Town of Manly

We, like many others, really like Manly Bay.    We really liked this memorial to the lost ships and the lost humans.   We always appreciate memorials for those that have died.

Remembering those ships and humans that have been lost to us.

Remembering those ships and humans that have been lost to us.

Our next stop was Darling Harbour.   Darling Harbour is home to the Sydney Aquarium.   This also is a great shopping and dining area.  We walked around and took a short refreshment break.

Sunsetting at Darling Harbor

Sunsetting at Darling Harbor

On the ride back Circular Quay, we passed Luna Park.   This is an amusement park.

Entrance to Luna Park

Entrance to Luna Park

We did not get off the ferry, but it was dark and we really liked this ferris wheel with lights.

Ferris Wheel of Luna Park at night

Ferris Wheel of Luna Park at night

We enjoyed the boat ride back to Circular Quay.   We like Sydney Harbour a lot.