Pancho Villa Attacks the US

The United States was attacked by Pancho Villa and soldiers from Mexico on March 9, 1916.   That was the last time a foreign military attacked a state in the United States.   In case you are wondering, Hawaii was not yet a state December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked.   Also, September 11, 2001 the attack on New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC, was done by hijackers using US commercial airplanes.   But back to Pancho Villa and his attack on Columbus, New Mexico.   In Columbus, we visited the Pancho Villa State Park.

Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus, New Mexico

This park was previously a US military camp, Camp Furlong.  Now it is home to a museum, with memorabilia from the very brief attack, a picnic area and a camp ground.   Here is Cootes Hill, a look out point from the military days.

Cootes Hill

You can see the cacti and flags of the United States and the State of New Mexico.  First let’s visit the museum.

In front of museum

We like the Mexican architecture and the old wagon here.   During the early morning attack, a young family escaped to Deming, about 25 miles north, in a 1915 Dodge Touring Car.

An antique car that survived bullets

All three members of the family survived, but the man did carry a bullet in him for the rest of his life.

1915 Dodge Touring Car with bullet holes

The car and bullet holes.   A close up photo of the driver’s door.

Bullet holes in the door

We are certainly happy all survived.   But let’s talk about the speed of this attack.   On March 9, 1916, at 2:00 a.m., Pancho Villa crosses the US Mexican border, 3 miles south of Columbus.   At 4:11 a.m. there are simultaneous attacks in the center of town and at Camp Furlong.   By 7:30 the last of the Villistas retreat into Mexico.   This attack lasted a little more than 3 hours, but there were casualties.   Ten townspeople from Columbus, New Mexico died.   Eight American soldiers died.   Eight other Americans were wounded.   Estimates are that 90 Villistas were killed and a small number were taken prisoner.   After a trial,  some prisoners were hanged, some jailed and returned to Mexico in 1921.   We ducks think that was a lot of deaths in a three hour attack.   But, let’s see what else is in the museum.   Soon after the attack, General Pershing was sent to Columbus and a tent city was soon built south of the railroad station and south of town.

A tent city was quickly built south of Columbus

We thought this covered wagon, without the cover, was interesting.

Covered wagon, without cover

Large trucks were brought to Columbus.


And airplanes came also.

1916 JN-3 airplane, replica

This is a replica of a 1916 JN-3 Airplane, provided by Roger Freeman of Vintage Aviation.   These were all interesting, but the question is still why did Pancho Villa attach the United States?

Maybe we will never know why Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico

And it is quite possible we will never really know the answer.   The US military spent time and money trying to get Pancho Villa, but he was never captured.   So what happened in Mexico?

Mexican Revolution over

Across the street from Pancho Villa State Park is the first US Military Airbase in the US.

First US airbase in the US

Also in the state park, we visited the headquarters building of Camp Furlong.

Former headquarters of Camp Furlong

Now many people enjoy the New Mexico desert and this picnic area.   There are sites for campers here.

Picnic area

New Mexico is a popular destination for many Americans and Canadians escaping the colder winters in the north.   If you visit Columbus, we hope you take time to explore Pancho Villa State Park and the museum   We think it is quite interesting.


Kansas Boyhood Home of General Pershing

Let’s go to Laclede, Kansas.   A road sign directed us to the boyhood home of General John Joseph Pershing.

Laclede, Kansas. Boyhood home of General Pershing

General gained much recognition during World War I.   This statue is a tribute to the General.

General Pershing

But there is more here.

Boyhood home

This is the boyhood home of General Pershing.   His family moved here when he was very young.   We visited the Visitor’s Center here and the ladies told us much about General Pershing, and other points in Kansas.   They said John Pershing was a teacher here for a short time.

Prairie Mound School

Prairie Mound School seems so small now.

Let’s go inside the school

Let’s go inside.   Two doors and two rooms.   First the door on the right.

Door on the right. Portrait and memorabilia

A large portrait of General Pershing greeted us.   Many medals and memorabilia are on display inside.   Next, door on the left.

From World War I

Several flags and posters from World War I are displayed here.   The displays in both rooms are very interesting.   The ladies in the Visitor’s Center reminded us of the Poppy Fields in Flanders.

Poppies and Flanders Field

This sign tells much.   In Laclede, the town citizens have planted a poppy field.   We were there in late October, so nothing was blooming then.

Poppy Garden in Laclede, Kansas. Will bloom next summer.

The garden has been cleaned out for winter, but we expect a beautiful poppy display next summer.  This also is a very peaceful place.   We hope you visit Laclede, Kansas.   General John Jospeh Pershing had a remarkable military career, graduating from West Point, the military academy, being recognized for outstanding service, he was called to New Mexico when Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico.   During World War I he was Commander of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe.  General Pershing is the only person to be General of the Armies of the United States.   He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, near Washington D.C.    Visit Laclede, Kansas, stop at the Visitor’s Center and spend a little time wandering around the grounds.   We liked visiting Laclede and we think you will also.

The Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico

Mexico!  I just got back from Mexico.  Wow!  Zeb the duck is now an international traveler.

Zeb the Duck is in Mexico!

Zeb the Duck is in Mexico!

We spent a few hours in Palomas, Mexico last weekend.  Most of our purchases came from The Pink Store.  Let me tell you about this store.

But first, Palomas, Mexico is a border town in the state of Chihuahua.  It is across from Columbus, New Mexico, just south of Deming, New Mexico.  We drove to the border, parked on the US side and walked into Mexico.  So easy.  The Pink Store was recommended to us, and this is why.  The Pink Store is huge and has everything.

This skeleton lady was the first thing I saw.

She is just too thin

She is just too thin

A bit of a shock to me.  Mom said that Mexico’s Day of the Dead is Nov 1 and Nov 2.  The spirits of the deceased return and much celebrating occurs.  I saw lots of skeleton displays.

Skeleton stuff everywhere

Skeleton stuff everywhere

Everything seemed so festive.

A skeleton wedding

A skeleton wedding

I was amazed and loved it all.

Mexico produces much pottery and hand blown glass and it is beautiful.  These were displayed on a wall,

So festive!

So festive!

but many more are on shelves.   Some of my favorites are the dolls made from cornhusks.

Dolls and a duck

Dolls and a duck

Perhaps a duck on the shelf enhances the display.  I wanted to play with these piñatas.

Oh to be a human

Oh to be a human

Too bad I am not human.

We ate lunch at the Pancho Villa Restaurant in The Pink Store.  Excellent food and service.  So many choices.  A man played music while we ate.  He was nice, too.  Near the restaurant was a large bar.  Looking out the window at the The Pink Store Plaza I saw General Pershing and Pancho Villa shaking hands.  I joined them in the handshake.

I love a firm handshake

I love a firm handshake

In the plaza this wooden door caught my attention.

This is a wooden door

This is a wooden door

The carving on this door was magnificent.  Took lots of talent and time to carve this door.

This is just one section of the door.  WOW!

This is just one section of the door. WOW!

Also love the peaceful feeling of a fountain.

Fountain in Pink Store Plaza

Fountain in Pink Store Plaza

I could have stayed all day at The Pink Store, discovering and shopping.  Mom bought vanilla, Kahlua and some other souvenirs.  Look at this site to see more photos of the Pink Store.  I will tell you more about Palomas soon.