Glenwood Springs Hot Water with Zeb and Chanel

Zeb the Duck here in the world’s largest hot springs pool.   And I love it.   In February, my friend Chanel the Bear and her mom and my mom and I went to our Colorado Mountains to the town of Glenwood Springs.   It’s real easy to get here, it is right on I-70.   This is a great town with lots of outdoor activities and lots of history, but today, we came for the hot pool.   Through the steam of the hot pool, we see the newer hotel.

No shortage of hotels here.

The pool is open all year, and if you get hungry, no need to go very far.

Hungry? Food is close and available.

In the summer, you can get out of the pool, order food and eat outside by the pool.

Good menu for poolside dining.

This pool is big, but how much water does it really have?

So much hot water in this pool.  Snow capped mountains beyond.

This sign says 1,078,000 gallons (4,080,674 liters) of water, hot from Colorado’s natural hot springs.  One end has hotter water, great for soaking, at 104 F (40 C).   The other end is still warm, but it is more like a warm swimming pool, at 92-94 F (33-34 C)  Here you see me, Zeb the duck, on the life guard stand by the area for swimming laps.

Area to swim laps. I, Zeb the Duck, could be your life guard.

We are looking towards the hot end.   While it great to soak in the hot water, admiring the snow capped mountains, eventually we do need to get out of the pool.   Let’s go downtown Glenwood Springs.   During the late 1800s there were famous gunfighters and famous gun fights in America’s southwest.   One of the famous gunfighters was Doc Holliday.   Doc Holliday, a dentist and gunfighter had what we now call tuberculosis.  The dry mountain climate of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, was famous for helping patients with tuberculosis.   While it could not be cured, the mountain air helped them breathe easier.   That is why Doc Holliday relocated to Glenwood Springs.  He is buried in Glenwood Springs, in Linwood Cemetery.    But, here is Doc Holliday’s Saloon.

Doc Holliday’s Saloon

As you can see, the mountains are really close to town.

Colorado Rocky Mountains very close to downtown Glenwood Springs.

I have been here before, and inside Doc Holliday’s Saloon are a lot of photos from his gunfighting days and photos with some of his famous friends.   This is a favorite of mine.

From the OK Corral…Aftermath???

This is after the famous gunfight at the OK Corral on October 26, 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona Territory.   Arizona was not yet a state.  On the left is gunfighter Doc Holliday with U.S. Marshall Wyatt Earp.   In the center are U.S. Marshall Virgil Earp and Mrs. Allie Earp.   On the right, we see U.S. Marshall Morgan Earp and Mrs. Lou Earp.   Glenwood Springs is between Aspen ski area and Vail ski area if you want to ski.   You can explore Glenwood Caverns, ancient underground caves, enjoy amusement parks in the summer, enjoy the hot pools and have a great Colorado vacation here, any time of the year.   We love Glenwood Springs and we think you would have a great time here also.

Zeb and Chanel Love the Aquarium Restaurant

Clear water, fish, a mermaid and great food.   What more could Chanel the Bear and Zeb the Duck want?   Our moms took us to lunch at the Denver Downtown Aquarium.

The Denver Aquarium

There is a really good restaurant inside.   And the restaurant has its own aquarium.   Walking outside to the aquarium restaurant, we stopped to visit with Sharky, a new friend.

Chatting with our new friend, Sharky.

He is nice.   Let’s go inside the restaurant now.

Let’s go inside to the restaurant.

Before we even enter the restaurant, we see the aquarium.

We love fish

Beautiful.   Inside we admire this painted pillar.

Inside decorations

The glass spears are like seaweed in the ocean.   Our table is next to the aquarium.

We could watch fish all day.

Those fish are swimming very close to us.   We, Chanel and Zeb, love the active fish.   Our moms ordered our lunch, but we aren’t sure about this.

Delicious lunch. Slightly crispy. Perfectly flakey. We get hungry remembering.

Moms, should we really be eating fish in an aquarium?   Are we eating their relatives?  But our moms said it is OK.   No relatives being eaten.   We have shrimp and tilapia.   And they are delicious.   Did you notice the salt and pepper shakers on our table?   They are seahorses.   Isn’t that just perfect for an aquarium?   This is part of Landry’s Seafood Restaurants.   Yum!  Look!!   A mermaid.   She is swimming right by our table.

Our mermaid!

She comes up to the glass and waves and throws kisses to bear, duck and human children.

She likes us the best

We think she likes us the best.  There is a nice variety of fish inside the aquarium.

Love the fish

Here is another type of fish.

Fish of a different color

More colors.   Even the lights hanging from the ceiling are fish.

Love these lights

Notice the small light on the belly of each fish?   All these small lights really give a lot of light, but do not detract from the fish in the aquarium.   Very nice.   Lunch was delicious and the restaurant is fun to explore.   But moms said we must go.   Lucky for us, the exit is through the gift shop.

In the gift shop, but our moms are not selling us.

We love these stuffed animals, but Chanel and Zeb are the cutest on this display.   Chanel and Zeb will perform on this outdoor stage.

An outdoor stage. Featuring Chanel the Bear and Zeb the Duck

Well, maybe we will return during warmer weather for our performance.   Our aquarium has a theater also.

Theater at the Denver Aquarium

We did not go inside the main aquarium today, but we saw a lot fish while savoring our lunch.   Maybe another time we will visit the entire aquarium, but we really loved our time here.   We hope you visit the Denver Aquarium or an aquarium near you.   Fish and water are soothing and we love watching the beautiful fish swim and we think you will enjoy it also.

Cienfuegos, Cuba with Chanel the Bear

Today Chanel the Bear and her group will spend the day in the port of Cienfuegos, Cuba.   She has sailed the eastern and northern coast of Cuba and is now back on the southern coast.   Cienfuegos is on a beautiful bay.   This is the last port for Chanel and her group of tourists.   Walking through the streets of Cienfuegos, Chanel saw this lady ironing.

Lady ironing in Cienfuegos, Cuba

If one must iron clothes, this is a beautiful environment to do so.   Further along this street artist was painting and chatting with tourists.

Street artist, Cienfuegos, Cuba

And this is something seldom seen in the United States now.

Phone booths, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Phone booths.   Before cell phones were invented and so readily available, public pay phones were plentiful.   Phone booths were a common sight, but not now.   It is nice to see these memories of the past still being used.   This is how my friend, Chanel the Bear, spent part of every day.

Chanel reading daily program

Chanel would always lay in bed and read the daily ship bulletin.   Great idea, Chanel.   There is such great  information in the bulletins.   When leaving Cienfuegos, Chanel and her mom, the Tour Manager, will sail back to Montego Bay, Jamaica.   This cruise will end and happy tourists will return to their homes.  Thanks, Chanel, for the great photos.   It was taking us on the cruise with you.   Chanel and her mom had back to back tours from Montego Bay.   Chanel’s mom works for Friendly Planet tour company.   You can get more information about tours to Cuba at    As I am writing this, Chanel and her mom are on another cruise around Cuba.   We loved our Cuban tour and hope you will visit Cuba soon.

Havana, Cuba with Chanel the Bear

I, Zeb the Duck, want to share with you the photos Chanel the Bear sent from her Cuban cruises.   Chanel and her mom, a Tour Manager, are approaching Havana, Cuba now.

Hotel National in Havana from cruise ship

The National Hotel in Havana is old and was a favorite of American tourists in the 1950’s.   We stayed here when we visited Cuba with Chanel and her mom in December 2013.   The history, not only the famous American actors, sports figures and others that stayed here, but the canons and evidence of the missile crisis between the United States and Cuba in the early 1960’s, is vast and fascinating.   Chanel docks in Havana now and takes us with her.   We go to the home of José Fuster, a prolific artist.

Jose Fuster’s Fusterlandia near Havana

He has decorated his courtyard, his outer wall, and much of the neighborhood.   It is a fascinating place.   Isn’t this classic car, in front of Fusterlandia fantastic?

Classic car near Fusterlandia

We love it!  And here is a horse cart.

Horse cart near Fusterlandia

Cuba is such a fun place to visit.   Heading back to Old Havana, we stop to mail a card at this mailbox at the post office.

Mailbox at the post office in Old Havana, Cuba

Continuing our visit of Havana, we watch this dance group near San Francisco Square in Havana.

Dance group near San Francisco Square, Havana, Cuba

Chanel, thank you so much for the photos.   What fun you must be having and your photos bring great memories for us and all who have visited Cuba.   Next time we will see more of Chanel’s photos.

Chanel the Bear Cruises Around Cuba

My friend, Chanel the Bear, has been traveling a lot this year.   In March she and her mom, the Tour Manager, led two different groups on cruises around, and stopping in, Cuba.   Chanel’s mom is a Tour Manager for Friendly Planet tour company.   Chanel and her mom flew to Montego Bay, Jamaica and stayed in a resort for a night.

From resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica

They met their first group and boarded Celestyal Crystal ship on Celestyal Cruise line.   Jamaica is near the southern coast of Cuba, so the first cruise port is Santiago de Cuba, an old city on Cuba’s southern coast.   For a few years, Santiago de Cuba was the capital of Cuba.   Havana was then named the capital and has remained so since 1607.   The African Cultural Center was wonderful.

African Cultural Center in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is close to Jamaica and also to Haiti, so these countries had an influence on southeastern Cuba.   I, Zeb the Duck, really liked these photos from the African Cultural Center.

African Cultural Center in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

And look at this ferris wheel near Loma de San Juan, also in Santiago de Cuba.

Ferris wheel near Loma de San Juan, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

It would be so much fun.   And here is Loma de San Juan in Santiago de Cuba.

Loma de San Juan in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

This is the famous San Juan Hill where in 1898 future American President Teddy Roosevelt, reportedly led a calvary charge, with the famous Rough Riders up San Juan Hill, defeating the Spanish.  Chanel visited Revolution Square in Santiago de Cuba.

Revolution Square in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Fidel Castro formerly lived and studied here in Santiago de Cuba.   We believe Fidel Castro would have given many speeches near Revolution Square.    Chanel’s last stop in Santiago de Cuba was El Morro Castle.

El Morro Castle, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

El Morro Castle was built between 1590 and 1610 as a defense against raiding pirates.   There were 4 main levels and 3 large bulwarks to house the artillery.   El Morro survived attacks, but was damaged by several earthquakes.   El Morro was restored during the 1960’s and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.   Chanel, thank you so much for the great photos.   I especially enjoyed them because when mom and I went to Cuba with you, we did not visit Santiago de Cuba.   We look forward to more photos from your next port in Cuba.

Abu Dhabi Mall and Fish Market with Zeb and Chanel

The humans are hungry again!   Humans do like eat.   Tariq, our guide, says we will go to the mall and everybody can choose their preferred restaurant.  What is this?

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel

I love ferris wheels, but mom says we do not have enough time.   We enter Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi.

Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

This fountain is a little different than ours at home.   The water comes from above, much like rain.

Fountain inside Marina Mall

Fountain inside Marina Mall

Chanel the Bear and I, Zeb the Duck, did not get very wet.   Too bad, because ducks love water.   And this…



A dinosaur in the mall to promote another exhibit.   Very interesting.   Having lunch, the reason for this stop, leads us to this Lebanese restaurant.

Villa Beirut for lunch

Villa Beirut for lunch

We order humus with chick peas.   The humus, similar to paste, lines the bowl.   Accompanied by a bowl of assorted olives, all very tasty, but not overwhelming our taste buds.

Our lunch

Our lunch

The aroma of fresh, warm bread teases our senses.   We eat the bread and then they brought another basket.   Heavenly!   But, don’t forget, we are from the United States so we ordered French Fries from this Lebanese restaurants.   Tasting perfect, they did not last long.   And the Diet Cokes quenched our thirst.   We also drank water with lemon.   A perfect light lunch for humans, duck and bear.   Wandering through the mall, we saw this sign.

Common sign

Common sign

Rather common here, but not usual in our malls at home.   Leaving the mall, the column caught our attention.

Column in Abu Dhabi

Column in Abu Dhabi

A tribute to the royal family, we think.    Next stop is the fish market of Abu Dhabi.

Fish Market of Abu Dhabi

Fish Market of Abu Dhabi

I wonder if this is like the fish market I visited last July in Maputo, Mozambique.   Let’s go inside to see.   Yes, it is.   I love seeing the different kinds of fish.   This man is showing me the fish.

fish market

fish market

Another seller and I am with a human and more fish.

fish market

Fish market with my new friend

Well, what is this he is bringing near me?

fish market. eel??

fish market. eel??

I believe it is an eel.   This man likes me, too.   He thinks I might be hungry.

fish market for a snack

Fish market for a snack

Now, I, Zeb the Duck, am sampling a small fish.   Very nice snack for me.  Mom takes me to this display.

fish market

fish market

Some different kinds of fish here.   I like the fish market, and the sellers are always so nice to me.   My friend, Chanel the Bear, is here also, but she is made of cloth.   Mom can put me in a tub of soapy water and wash me.   If Chanel sat with the fish, she would smell like fish for the entire trip.   Maybe not a good idea, Chanel.   We are happy you watched from your carrying bag.

Zeb the Duck Flies to New Places

We left Denver International Airport, changed planes in Los Angeles International Airport, and now learning about our new plane.



I, Zeb the Duck, can only read part of this sign.   Now a picture of our airplane appears.

Over 15 hours??

Over 15 hours??

Mom, does that say 15 hours and 15 minutes to our destination??  This is a long flight!   But the seats were big enough.   The plane was not full.   I am seeing the mountain peaks of California.

California's mountains

California’s mountains

And so much food.

That's a lot of food. And tasty chicken.

That’s a lot of food. And tasty chicken.

We received three meals and many beverages.   All delicious.  A long, but comfortable flight, and we were in the economy class seats.   This was nice.   Out the plane window, I see the lights of Dubai.

Approaching Dubai

Approaching Dubai

This is a huge airport.   We are in the United Arab Emirates, and this country was created December 2, 1971.   Everything is new and very big.   So much shopping here, but no time now.

Always places to shop

Always places to shop

We must clear customs and immigration, get our luggage and meet our tour guide.   We are touring with SmarTours of New York.   We meet Tariq, our guide, get on the bus and head for Abu Dhabi.   From the bus we see this mosque, with green lights.

Mosque at night

Mosque at night

Sheikh Zayed Road leads us from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Zayed Road between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Road between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

About 2 hours driving through the desert will bring us to Abu Dhabi.   This highway is huge.   We see 5-6 lanes in each direction.   I don’t see much traffic now, but they say sometimes there are many vehicles.   We will stay in Abu Dhabi three nights, at the Southern Sun Hotel.

Southern Sun. Our home for 3 nights

Southern Sun. Our home for 3 nights

The lights move on the front of our hotel.   We have a nice, bright lobby.

Lobby of Southern Sun. Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear

Lobby of Southern Sun. Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear

And you can now see who is here with us!   Chanel the Bear, my good friend, and her mom are in Abu Dhabi.   We will have so much fun traveling together.  I, Zeb the Duck, wanted to find the swimming pool.   It is an outdoor pool on the top floor of the Southern Sun.

Southern Sun pool

Southern Sun pool

A little chilly now, so I won’t stay in here long.   Looking through the glass wall, it is a long way down.

From top of Southern Sun Hotel

From top of Southern Sun Hotel

Chanel and I, Zeb, take our moms for a walk around our neighborhood.   We saw many new things, several small shops and restaurants.   Even a money exchange office to change US dollars into United Arab Emirates dirhams.   We receive about 3.65 dirhams for each US dollar. Carefully sitting on the railing, we wanted to show you how wide the highways are in Abu Dhabi.

Wide highways through Abu Dhabi

Wide highways through Abu Dhabi

We love wide streets.   Walking on side streets, we are happy that most countries in the world use the same type of stop sign.

Stop sign

Stop sign

Isn’t this fun to see?   It is exciting to see new things.   Chanel and I, Zeb, want to show you so many things about our trip to the United Arab Emirates.   We hope you keep reading.