Cuba at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I, Zeb the Duck, and Soapy Smith Duck visited the Cuba exhibit.

Cuba exhibit

But where is Cuba?

Where is Cuba?

Cuba, the largest Caribbean Island nation, is only 94 miles (150 km) from our state of Florida.   But for many decades Americans could not visit this tropical island.   Cuba and the United States have very serious political and economic differences so travel between the countries has been prohibited or restricted since the 1960s.   This exhibit at our museum looks like a main street in Havana, Cuba.

Havana street

You will see store fronts, small businesses and Cuban people.   And the cars.

Old US car

Cubans still have old cars from the United States.   Those built in the 1950s and early 1960s.   The Cuban people have developed incredible mechanical skills.   They cannot get original parts for replacements, so they improvise.   The automobiles still run and are in great condition.   These large American cars are very popular as Cuban taxis now.   In recent years, Americans have been able to visit Cuba on approved tours, if requirements are met.   I, Zeb the Duck, and mom visited Cuba in December 2013.   The exhibit in Denver shows many things we saw on the streets of Havana.   Cars are scarce and very expensive in Cuba, so bicycle taxis are also popular.

Bicycle taxi

Many Cuban people ride bicycles and many others walk wherever they need to go.   The food is delicious.

Cuban food

We, Zeb and Soapy, would like to sample these, but mom said no.    Many of the coral reefs in the Caribbean are sick or dying, but the Gardens of the Queen Reef is healthy.

Cuba’s coral reef

The fish around the reef are beautiful.  The two main crops of Cuba are sugar cane and tobacco.

Tobacco shop in Havana

This is a tobacco shop.   The hand rolled Cuban cigars are among the best in the world.   Often you will hear music in Havana.

Cuban musicians

Many musicians will sit on the street, against a building and play.   The music is wonderful and the Cuban people appear to be happy, always with a smile on their face.  They love to play games.

Let’s play Dominos

Men playing Dominos along the street or in plazas are also common.   There is much more to this exhibit.   The wetlands, southeast of Havana, on the southern coast is definitely worth a visit.   There is also a display recognizing Cuban immigrants in Denver.   If you want to see this exhibit, you need to hurry.   It will only be here until Sunday, January 13, 2019.   While at Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science, take time to see the IMAX film, Cuba.

IMAX film about Cuba

The film features a man who dedicated his life to preserving Cuba’s old architecture and a young ballet student.   The largest ballet school in the world is located in Havana.   And the film features Cuba’s coral reefs and discovers why Cuba’s reef is much healthier than others in the Caribbean.  We hope you visit this exhibit this week.   And visit other museums near your home also.   You will find something interesting.

Cienfuegos, Cuba with Chanel the Bear

Today Chanel the Bear and her group will spend the day in the port of Cienfuegos, Cuba.   She has sailed the eastern and northern coast of Cuba and is now back on the southern coast.   Cienfuegos is on a beautiful bay.   This is the last port for Chanel and her group of tourists.   Walking through the streets of Cienfuegos, Chanel saw this lady ironing.

Lady ironing in Cienfuegos, Cuba

If one must iron clothes, this is a beautiful environment to do so.   Further along this street artist was painting and chatting with tourists.

Street artist, Cienfuegos, Cuba

And this is something seldom seen in the United States now.

Phone booths, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Phone booths.   Before cell phones were invented and so readily available, public pay phones were plentiful.   Phone booths were a common sight, but not now.   It is nice to see these memories of the past still being used.   This is how my friend, Chanel the Bear, spent part of every day.

Chanel reading daily program

Chanel would always lay in bed and read the daily ship bulletin.   Great idea, Chanel.   There is such great  information in the bulletins.   When leaving Cienfuegos, Chanel and her mom, the Tour Manager, will sail back to Montego Bay, Jamaica.   This cruise will end and happy tourists will return to their homes.  Thanks, Chanel, for the great photos.   It was taking us on the cruise with you.   Chanel and her mom had back to back tours from Montego Bay.   Chanel’s mom works for Friendly Planet tour company.   You can get more information about tours to Cuba at    As I am writing this, Chanel and her mom are on another cruise around Cuba.   We loved our Cuban tour and hope you will visit Cuba soon.

Havana, Cuba with Chanel the Bear

I, Zeb the Duck, want to share with you the photos Chanel the Bear sent from her Cuban cruises.   Chanel and her mom, a Tour Manager, are approaching Havana, Cuba now.

Hotel National in Havana from cruise ship

The National Hotel in Havana is old and was a favorite of American tourists in the 1950’s.   We stayed here when we visited Cuba with Chanel and her mom in December 2013.   The history, not only the famous American actors, sports figures and others that stayed here, but the canons and evidence of the missile crisis between the United States and Cuba in the early 1960’s, is vast and fascinating.   Chanel docks in Havana now and takes us with her.   We go to the home of José Fuster, a prolific artist.

Jose Fuster’s Fusterlandia near Havana

He has decorated his courtyard, his outer wall, and much of the neighborhood.   It is a fascinating place.   Isn’t this classic car, in front of Fusterlandia fantastic?

Classic car near Fusterlandia

We love it!  And here is a horse cart.

Horse cart near Fusterlandia

Cuba is such a fun place to visit.   Heading back to Old Havana, we stop to mail a card at this mailbox at the post office.

Mailbox at the post office in Old Havana, Cuba

Continuing our visit of Havana, we watch this dance group near San Francisco Square in Havana.

Dance group near San Francisco Square, Havana, Cuba

Chanel, thank you so much for the photos.   What fun you must be having and your photos bring great memories for us and all who have visited Cuba.   Next time we will see more of Chanel’s photos.

Photos from Havana from Channel the Bear

My friend, Channel the Bear, sent photos to me, Zeb the Duck.   Channel and her mom just returned from a couple weeks in Cuba.   Havana, Cuba has great statues.   Here Channel found a friendly arm for a temporary resting place.

Channel in Old Havana

Channel in Old Havana

The shiny leg indicates that others also found this statue to be a good stopping place.   This statue makes us all smile.

Channel by another statue in Old Havana

Channel by Sancho Panza, Don Quixote’s squire, in Old Havana

This is Sancho Panza from the famous story of Don Quixote.   We like this statue and Channel just makes the photos great.   Here my friend, Channel, is sitting on a window ledge.



She looks so Cuban.   We love it.   After a day of exploring Old Havana, humans and bears get hungry and thirsty.   Channel and her mom are in El Floridita, one of Havana’s historic and favorite restaurants.

Channel with statue of Ernest Hemingway in El Floridita in Havana

Channel with statue of Ernest Hemingway in El Floridita in Havana

This restaurant first opened in 1817.   In 1914 Constantino Ribalaigua Vert began working here.   By 1918 he was the owner.   But most important, in the early 1930s, as a bartender, he is credited with inventing the frozen daiquiri.   Channel, I hope you and your mom tried one of these famous beverages.   My mom tells me they are really tasty and refreshing.    But humans should not have too many of them at one time.   When Ernest Hemingway was in Cuba, this restaurant was a favorite hangout of his.   Maybe he came here just to see Channel?  Thanks for the photos, Channel.   They remind us of the great time we had in Cuba with you a few years ago.   We think it is great that your mom is a tour director and you go there often.   Thanks Channel.

More Photos from Cuba

Zeb the Duck here.   My friend, Channel the Bear, was in Cuba again.   She and her mom go often.   Her mom is a travel guide to Cuba for Friendly Planet.    Channel is sitting on a canon at the Hotel Nacional in Havana.

Channel on a canon at Havana, Cuba's Hotel Nacional.

Channel on a canon at Havana, Cuba’s Hotel Nacional.

When I was there, this was my favorite hotel in Havana.   In the 1950’s, before Fidel Castro took power, this was the hotel for the rich and famous Americans.   They still have great old photographs there.    This is a restaurant in Havana, and that large building behind is the Hotel Nacional.

California Café in Havana, Cuba with Hotel Nacional in background.

California Café in Havana, Cuba with Hotel Nacional in background.

The California Café name says the Americans have not been forgotten.   This last photo is the famous Varadero Beach.

Varadero Beach, Cuba

Varadero Beach, Cuba.   Beautiful Caribbean Sea.

This is great Channel.   When we were in Cuba, we were not allowed here.   It is beautiful.   We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, hope you will go to Cuba soon to see what it is like now.   Cuba may be opening up to American tourism.   We understand that Carnival Cruise line has a subsidiary company that will begin cruises to Cuba twice a month.   The cruises may begin early May.   Go soon, before it changes.   We loved the friendly Cuban people and we think you will too.   Thank you Channel for these great photos.

Channel the Bear in Trinidad, Cuba

Today, I Zeb the Duck, want to show you where my friend, Channel the Bear, has been.   You may remember that Channel and her mom go to Cuba frequently.   Channel’s mom is a tour guide for Friendly Planet trips to Cuba.   Channel sent this photo from Trinidad, Cuba.   Often animals from towels are left on the beds, but look at this.   Channel also received a rose and more rose petals on her towel.

Trinidad Cuba highlights rose and rose petals for Channel the Bear

Trinidad, Cuba highlights a rose and rose petals for Channel the Bear

This is beautiful, Channel.   Thanks for sharing this photo with us.   We love to hear and see what you experience in Cuba.

Cuba with Channel the Bear

I hope you remember my friend Channel, the cute little brown bear.   Last year Channel and I, Zeb the Duck, visited Cuba with our moms.   Channel’s mom was the tour guide for our group.   Channel and her mom were in Cuba again in January and they sent us some photos.

Channel is sitting on this chair at Las Terrazas, near Havana.

Las Terrazas is a perfect place to sit in the rocking chair.

Las Terrazas is a perfect place to sit in the rocking chair.

Las Terrazas began in 1968 as a small ecological experiment and is now a recognized Biosphere Reserve. This is a tajona, or grinding stone,

Channel on the talon

Channel on the talon

and was used to grind coffee bean, also at Las Terrazas.

I liked this picture from Muraleando in Havana.

Great statue, Channel

Great statue, Channel

Two local artists, Manuel (Manolo) Diaz Baldrich and Ernesto Quirch Paz started teaching art in a school.   Soon there was a scheduling conflict and the artists began teaching outside on the street.   This area, Muraleando, is now a community development project.

Channel and her mom at Muraleando, in Havana

Channel and her mom at Muraleando, in Havana

This one is also great.   For more information about Muraleando, visit

Here they are at Hemmingway’s house, Finca Vigia, near Havana in the fishing village of Cojimar, the inspiration for the fishing village in The Old Man and the Sea.

Channel and her mom by a classic car, used as a taxi.   Enjoy the ride, Channel

Channel and her mom by a classic car, used as a taxi. Enjoy the ride, Channel

Isn’t this a great taxi??

When Channel was in Trinidad, Cuba she talked to this young boy.

Nice boy and love the cobblestone street

Nice boy and love the cobblestone street

Also in Trinidad, there was a cultural festival.

Festival in Trinidad, Cuba

Festival in Trinidad, Cuba

This looks like fun.

Walking on stilts for the festival in Trinidad, Cuba

Walking on stilts for the festival in Trinidad, Cuba

If you have not already read them, you may enjoy my photos and stories from Cuba.   I hope you check them out.

Thanks for sending these wonderful pictures, Channel.   I know you had a great time visiting Cuba again!