Cienfuegos, Cuba with Chanel the Bear

Today Chanel the Bear and her group will spend the day in the port of Cienfuegos, Cuba.   She has sailed the eastern and northern coast of Cuba and is now back on the southern coast.   Cienfuegos is on a beautiful bay.   This is the last port for Chanel and her group of tourists.   Walking through the streets of Cienfuegos, Chanel saw this lady ironing.

Lady ironing in Cienfuegos, Cuba

If one must iron clothes, this is a beautiful environment to do so.   Further along this street artist was painting and chatting with tourists.

Street artist, Cienfuegos, Cuba

And this is something seldom seen in the United States now.

Phone booths, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Phone booths.   Before cell phones were invented and so readily available, public pay phones were plentiful.   Phone booths were a common sight, but not now.   It is nice to see these memories of the past still being used.   This is how my friend, Chanel the Bear, spent part of every day.

Chanel reading daily program

Chanel would always lay in bed and read the daily ship bulletin.   Great idea, Chanel.   There is such great  information in the bulletins.   When leaving Cienfuegos, Chanel and her mom, the Tour Manager, will sail back to Montego Bay, Jamaica.   This cruise will end and happy tourists will return to their homes.  Thanks, Chanel, for the great photos.   It was taking us on the cruise with you.   Chanel and her mom had back to back tours from Montego Bay.   Chanel’s mom works for Friendly Planet tour company.   You can get more information about tours to Cuba at    As I am writing this, Chanel and her mom are on another cruise around Cuba.   We loved our Cuban tour and hope you will visit Cuba soon.


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