Havana, Cuba with Chanel the Bear

I, Zeb the Duck, want to share with you the photos Chanel the Bear sent from her Cuban cruises.   Chanel and her mom, a Tour Manager, are approaching Havana, Cuba now.

Hotel National in Havana from cruise ship

The National Hotel in Havana is old and was a favorite of American tourists in the 1950’s.   We stayed here when we visited Cuba with Chanel and her mom in December 2013.   The history, not only the famous American actors, sports figures and others that stayed here, but the canons and evidence of the missile crisis between the United States and Cuba in the early 1960’s, is vast and fascinating.   Chanel docks in Havana now and takes us with her.   We go to the home of José Fuster, a prolific artist.

Jose Fuster’s Fusterlandia near Havana

He has decorated his courtyard, his outer wall, and much of the neighborhood.   It is a fascinating place.   Isn’t this classic car, in front of Fusterlandia fantastic?

Classic car near Fusterlandia

We love it!  And here is a horse cart.

Horse cart near Fusterlandia

Cuba is such a fun place to visit.   Heading back to Old Havana, we stop to mail a card at this mailbox at the post office.

Mailbox at the post office in Old Havana, Cuba

Continuing our visit of Havana, we watch this dance group near San Francisco Square in Havana.

Dance group near San Francisco Square, Havana, Cuba

Chanel, thank you so much for the photos.   What fun you must be having and your photos bring great memories for us and all who have visited Cuba.   Next time we will see more of Chanel’s photos.


Fusterlandia near Havana, Cuba

Near Havana, Cuba we were speechless at Fusterlandia.  This is the home of Jose Rodriguez Fuster,

Entrance to Fusterlandia

Entrance to Fusterlandia

affectionately referred to as Fuster.  Fuster, a Cuban from a small fishing village, is an artist.

About 30 years ago Fuster started remaking his home and his neighborhood.

First view entering Fusterlandia

First view entering Fusterlandia

He spent time in Europe and was inspired by Gaudi in Barcelona (La Familia Sagrada and Casa Batllo) and by Brancusi in Romania.  I want to share some photos of Fusterlandia with you.

Looking down at pool

Looking down at pool

Big guy

Big guy

What a clock

What a clock

All this artwork exhausts me.  I am just a little duck

All this artwork exhausts me. I am just a little duck

According to www.havana-cultura.com more than 80 neighbors have allowed Fuster to use their homes as his canvas.

He puts his art everywhere

He puts his art everywhere

This is an unforgettable neighborhood.

Mom and I saw some little boys with their moms.  We asked the moms if we could give them small high bounce balls and butterscotch candy.  Moms said yes and the boys were happy.  One of our friends had a baseball to give the boys.  Cuban people love baseball.  Making people happy  is fun!

Fuster sells much of his work and much of that money he puts back into the neighborhood.

Fuster's art throughout his neighborhood

Fuster’s art throughout his neighborhood

We were amazed and really liked Fusterlandia.  We hope you will visit Fusterlandia when you are in Havana.  It is really a place to see.