Denver’s Annual Christmas Light Display

The City and County building in Denver, Colorado has spectacular Christmas lights.

City and County Building of Denver, Colorado

City and County Building of Denver, Colorado

Zeb the Duck here, reporting that mom drove us to view this Christmas display.   WOW!!!  The lights are beautiful.

While we there, we heard Christmas carols.  The lights changed colors as the music played.

The colors change

The colors change

The evening we visited was mild and clear.  It was just like a Christmas movie.

Denver’s City and County building has been decorated for Christmas since 1935.  So many people experience this lighting masterpiece every year.

Colors change again

Colors change again

Usually this building is lit every night during the Christmas season.  The lights remain on the building through January and the building is illuminated again during the Denver’s National Western Stock Show and Rodeo.  Our stock show visitors also enjoy this display.

I am so happy to live near Denver so I could watch in amazement as the lights changed and the music played.

I love this!

I love this!

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