Christmas Decorations in my Neighborhood

It is getting close to Christmas.  I, Zeb the Duck, am excited about Christmas.  But, I don’t really know much about it yet.  I am seeing different things appearing in people’s yards.  These are Christmas decorations.

These are some of the things I noticed.  This is Santa Claus in a sleigh.

This is Santa Claus

This is Santa Claus

Mom says Santa Claus rides in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer and brings presents to people.  Santa seems nice, but looks a little different.

Here is another Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer.

I like Santa

I riding on flying reindeer.

Also some big presents.

Huge presents

Huge presents

Maybe a chair for me??

A snowman and another Santa.

Welcoming Snowman

Welcoming Snowman

These all look like fun things.

A manger or Nativity Scene seems a little more serious.  This is the reason for Christmas.  A baby named Jesus was born.  This baby grew up to be a special man and he changed the world.

Baby Jesus was born

Baby Jesus was born

Maybe more about this later.

I am curious and excited about Christmas.  I hope you see decorations and like them.  What is your favorite Christmas story or memory?  This is all new to me but I like it.


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