Old Mazatlan with Zeb and Eider Duck

Zeb and Eider Duck visited the market, or Mercado, in Mazatlan.   Then we walked to the main plaza, or zocalo.   We admired the fruit available from this vender.

These look so good.  We love the little oranges

These look so good. We love the little oranges

Here is another vender with even more choices for shoppers.

Colors are so bright

Colors are so bright

The policeman was directing traffic in this congested area.

Directing traffic in Old Mazatlan

Directing traffic in Old Mazatlan

Mom told us that most old Mexican cities have a main plaza, called the zocalo and the main cathedral faces this plaza.   Mazatlan’s cathedral is old and beautiful.

Main Cathedral in Mazatlan

Main Cathedral in Mazatlan

Inside people were working, preparing for a ceremony almost ready to begin.

Ornate alter.   Flowers arriving now.

Ornate altar.  Flowers arriving now.

We are not sure if it was a wedding, but the flowers were being delivered and we saw a young girl in a beautiful long white dress.   She may have been the flower girl?

Across from the cathedral, in the park, the gazebo is very pretty.

We sat in this gazebo for a few minutes.  Love it!

We sat in this gazebo for a few minutes. Love it!

Near the gazebo, the monument to military heroes stands.

Brigada Sinaloa.  Celebrated 100 years.

Brigada Sinaloa. Celebrated 100 years.

Since it was near Christmas, Santa’s temporary home was on the edge of the park.

Santa's temporary home

Santa’s temporary home

He was not home when we were there.  Probably supervising the elves.   We really liked this Nativity scene.

In Mazatlan's main plaza

In Mazatlan’s main plaza

Santa Claus and presents are fun, but we all remember the real reason for Christmas.  When you are in a Mexican town, visit the main plaza, or zocalo.   It is a peaceful and pretty part of any town or Mexican experience.


Christmas Decorations in my Neighborhood

It is getting close to Christmas.  I, Zeb the Duck, am excited about Christmas.  But, I don’t really know much about it yet.  I am seeing different things appearing in people’s yards.  These are Christmas decorations.

These are some of the things I noticed.  This is Santa Claus in a sleigh.

This is Santa Claus

This is Santa Claus

Mom says Santa Claus rides in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer and brings presents to people.  Santa seems nice, but looks a little different.

Here is another Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer.

I like Santa

I riding on flying reindeer.

Also some big presents.

Huge presents

Huge presents

Maybe a chair for me??

A snowman and another Santa.

Welcoming Snowman

Welcoming Snowman

These all look like fun things.

A manger or Nativity Scene seems a little more serious.  This is the reason for Christmas.  A baby named Jesus was born.  This baby grew up to be a special man and he changed the world.

Baby Jesus was born

Baby Jesus was born

Maybe more about this later.

I am curious and excited about Christmas.  I hope you see decorations and like them.  What is your favorite Christmas story or memory?  This is all new to me but I like it.