Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI

Today we took cab into town.  St. Thomas is a very popular stop for cruise ships, but today there was only one ship in the harbor.  We discovered that many shops and businesses close if the ships are not in.  Plenty, but not all were open today.

We walked along streets like this, stopping in many stores.

Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie

As our humans wandered, we found Emancipation Garden and Educators Park.  We saw a smaller version of the Liberty Bell,

Smaller Liberty Bell and plaque for Virginia Settlers

Smaller Liberty Bell and plaque for Virginia Settlers

with a plaque honoring the Virginia Settlers.  The settlers stopped for three days in St. Thomas on their way to the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States.

Educators Park featured statues of famous early residents of St. Thomas.  There is a statue honoring Edith Williams, an educator; another dedicated to Rothschild Francis, an educator and author


Statue honoring J. Antonio Jarvis

with a third statue recognizing J. Antonio Jarvis, a founder of The Daily News.  Also enjoying the park, we admired this prancing rooster.

He has an attitude!

He has an attitude!

Shopping and wandering around Charlotte Amalie makes humans hungry and thirsty.  We stopped at Blackbeard VI Brewing Co


Blackbeard Virgin Island Brewing Co

and at Big Kahuna Rum Shack.

Humans were energized so we visited this market.

We love markets

We love markets

We saw the souvenirs and crafts of St. Thomas, but we saw a lot of Larimar.  This is a blue stone, famous in the Caribbean.   Larimar is a rare pectolite found only in one location in the Dominican Republic.   Many pieces of beautiful jewelry were on display here.

Charlotte Amalie is big, so buses carry tourists to some locations.

Charlotte Amalie is big, so tourists can get rides

Charlotte Amalie is big, so tourists can get rides

Our humans purchased a few souvenirs and then we went back to our resort.  Something special was happening tonight.  We will tell you about it in our next post.

Charlotte Amalie is a nice town with lots of shopping and eating, but you could find many other things to do.  We decided to take advantage of our beach since in a few days we leave the Caribbean and return to Denver.


2 thoughts on “Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI

  1. Loved you post. Might have been in town the same week or at least our only trip in town was a one cruise ship day. In Cape May we have a shop called Bath Time whose marketing is done with ducks. You reminded me of them.

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