Hermit Crab Races

I, Zeb the Duck, and my Alaska cousin are constantly surprised.  At Bluebeards Beach Club in St. Thomas, we watched hermit crab races.  It was fun and completely harmless to the crabs.

A round table was put near the bar.  Then the guys scattered rocks on the table, for an obstacle course.

Preparing table

Preparing table

A container with 5 hermit crabs was brought out.  Each crab had a different color on its back.

Hermit crabs waiting

Hermit crabs waiting

The colors were red, orange, blue, green and yellow.

Five people each paid $5 to be represented by the crab.  Of course mom and my Alaska uncle each paid $5.   They each took a paper from another bowl.  The color on their paper identified their lucky crab.

The crabs were placed in the center of the table with a pitcher over them. At the designated time the pitcher was removed and the crabs started moving.

Crabs begin moving

Crabs begin moving

The first crab to reach the edge of the table (any direction) was the winner.  Mom and Alaska did not win.  But it was fun and a different thing to see.

The crabs rested about 15 minutes and then a second race started.  Again we paid $5 each and again we did not win.

Another 15-minute rest and then the third and final race.

Yellow crab wins!

Yellow crab wins!

Paid $5 each and did not win.  Surprising to us, the same girl won each race.  It was also her first time and she was very happy.

The winner of each race received the entire $25.  The resort does not keep anything.   The crabs are well cared for.  The crabs enjoy cat food.  This was a fun, silly and safe evening for all.


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