Hemingway Remembered in Cuba

Zeb the Duck here again.  Today we visited Finca Vigia,

Finca la Vigia

Finca la Vigia

Ernest Hemingway’s Cuba retreat.  Then to lunch and a walk around in Cojimar, the fishing village portrayed in his book The Old Man and the Sea.

Ernest Hemingway rented Finca la Vigia in 1939 and purchased it a year later.  He lived there until 1960 when he moved back to the United States.  Hemingway’s home is as it was when he left.

View from house

View from house

To preserve and protect the contents, tourists are not allowed inside.   We walked on the porch, peeking in windows and doors.

The estate has a swimming pool and used to have a tennis court.

Path from house to pool and tennis court

Path from house to pool and tennis court

Between the pool and tennis court are 4 tombstones for Hemingway’s dogs.

Memorial to dogs

Memorial to dogs with boat, Pilar, on former tennis court site.

People that care about animals are good people, in this duck’s opinion.    The tennis court was covered and now is a resting place for Hemingway’s boat, Pilar.  We were told that Hemingway was considered a good employer and a good neighbor.  I like to hear about nice humans.

The property has a small market and gift shop.  The humans did some shopping while sipping sugar cane juice.  This gentleman freshly squeezed the sugar cane for the juice.

Made fresh sugar cane juice

Made fresh sugar cane juice

Our next stop to honor Hemingway was in Cojimar.  In Cojimar we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Bodega Las Brisas.  This small fishing village does not appear to look different than it would have when Hemingway visited.

In Cojimar

In Cojimar

As I previously told you, Hemingway found the inspiration to write The Old Man and the Sea while relaxing in Cojimar.

Walking around town, taking photos,

Sea in Cojimar

Sea in Cojimar

we reached this statue of Hemingway.

Zeb the Duck on Hemingway's shoulder

Zeb the Duck on Hemingway’s shoulder

We were told it was one of the first statues to honor the author.   I think I, Zeb the Duck, look good on Hemingway’s shoulder.

We did not see fishing boats and learned that many fishermen cannot afford boats and if they had boats, they could not afford gas for the motors.  Our guide told us the fishing industry was depressed.

I hope you have read some of Hemingway’s books and get an opportunity to visit his home and favorite fishing village.  You would like to visit these places.

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