Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

I, Zeb the Duck, must leave Baltimore in an hour. Mom and I spotted this sculpture near the Inner Harbor area.

Looks good to me

Looks good to me

So pretty.

You will want to spend at least a full day at the Inner Harbor. The body of water here is the Chesapeake Bay. The shops and restaurants are welcoming. The National Aquarium is near. There are four ships to board and tour.

Many people enjoying the Inner Harbor

Many people enjoying the Inner Harbor

Don’t miss any of this!

I love water taxis.

I love the water, but I am a duck.  You will love water taxis also.

I love the water, but I am a duck. You will love water taxis also.

So convenient and so much fun to travel by water.   This ship, the USS Constellation served our country, in various capacities, for almost 100 years.

USS Constellation

USS Constellation

Take a tour and learn of her time in the Mediterranean. Before the Civil War, the USS Constellation was the flagship of the US African Squadron. The USS Constellation sailed near Africa to capture slave ships and free the Africans headed to North America for slavery. Later, this ship took food and supplies to Ireland during that famine. The USS Constellation transported items across the Atlantic for world fairs.

A great ship

A great ship

The end of her career was spent training future Navy leaders.

We had less than one hour before our airport pickup, so we just wandered along the dock. Please, spend some time there and enjoy this great place! We want to return to board the ships and visit the National Aquarium.

Visit Baltimore's Inner Harbor soon.

Visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor soon.

And so much more!


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