Historic Buildings with Modern Businesses

I, Zeb the Duck, loved the old, historic buildings in Baltimore.  And, I thought it was great that the modern businesses used these buildings without changing the exterior.

The Walgreens by my house in Colorado certainly does not look like this one.

Walgreens in Baltimore

Walgreens in Baltimore

Mine is easy to recognize, but this one has history. And look at this 7-11.

7-11 in Baltimore

7-11 in Baltimore

These buildings are so great.

Preserving historic buildings

Preserving historic buildings

Another Baltimore 7-11.

How about this CVS?  Impressive to this duck.

Everybody needs CVS

Everybody needs CVS

This is one of my favorite places.  Love Dunkin’ Donuts.

Love Dunkin' Donuts

Love Dunkin’ Donuts

Fed Ex is looking good also.

FedEx is everywhere!

FedEx is everywhere!

Baltimore is trying to keep the city clean and save energy.  These solar compactors were on many streets.

Everybody can do their part

Everybody can do their part

I am glad mom and I went to Baltimore.  You will enjoy so many things here.  Let me know about your Baltimore experiences.


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