Best Chocolate in Denver–4 years straight

We love chocolate!   Zeb the Duck here and I just returned from Roberta’s Chocolates.

Roberta's Chocolates in Denver

Roberta’s Chocolates in Denver

This store has everything.  You can see they have the unusual also.   It is close to Halloween, so this is a warning.

Yes.  We want to enter

Yes. We want to enter

We dared and we entered.   Look at this candy with Halloween decorations.

Happy and Sweet Halloween

Happy and Sweet Halloween

Everywhere I looked I saw tempting treats. You have to see this and buy some.



You will love it.   Roberta even has Bronco themed candy.

Always a reason for chocolate

Always a reason for chocolate

You know that the Denver Broncos are having a great football season.  Sunday Peyton Manning, the quarterback, shattered the record for the most touchdown passes in NFL history.   So Bronco candy is a sweet success.

Near this ghost and scarecrow, you can drool over the selection of fudge.

Even the ghost loves this creamy fudge

Even the ghost and scarecrow love this creamy fudge

We received some of this fudge as a gift a few months ago.  It is delicious.  A few weeks ago we sent some of Roberta’s fudge to our Alaska cousin, Eider Duck, in North Pole, Alaska.  Eider and the humans loved this fudge.   You should know that all the candy is made right here in this building. Roberta makes some candy.  While we were there she had 2 employees making candy.   Fresher is better.   The selection of truffles (on the left) is large and delicious.

Pick your favorites.  Truffles on the left, creams and nuts on the right

Pick your favorites. Truffles on the left, creams and nuts on the right

On the right you can see the chocolate creams and nuts.   This store has so many different kinds of chocolate.   Everywhere you look is another sweet treat.   Roberta has been satisfying the chocolate cravings of Denver since 1995.   Roberta’s Chocolate won the Best Chocolate category in the Denver A-List competition—for the 4th year in a row.  The people of Denver vote, so we definitely think this is the best chocolate in town.   When we were here a few weeks ago, Roberta told us she recently signed another multi year lease.  We will be enjoying Roberta’s fresh chocolates for many years to come.

This sign made us smile,

So true

So true

and it is so true.   Roberta said I could sit on her car.

What a fun car

What a fun car

This is a great car for a great product.   Of course we did not go to Roberta’s just to tell you about it.  We brought some wonderful chocolate home.  One box is a gift and one is for us.

Home sweet home is sweeter now

Home sweet home is sweeter now

For more information, visit   or even better, visit Roberta’s Chocolates at 4840 W 29th Avenue, Denver, Colorado.  You will be so happy.

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