Zeb the Duck here and want you to know that today, October 23, 2014 is the first day of Diwali.   I just learned this. Diwali is the Festival of Light!  Diwali, or Deepavali, is a religious holiday observed by Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and Jain cultures.  It is a celebration of the victory of good over evil the triumph of light over darkness and the renewal of life.

To celebrate the five days of Diwali, people decorate their homes with lights, watch fireworks, wear new clothes and distribute gifs to friends and family members.  It is also a time for prayer and religious rituals.  Often the decorating lights are small oil lamps called diyas.

We learned this at www.punchbowl.com/holidays/diwali   Thanks to punchbowl for teaching us about new holidays.

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