Chanel the Bear Visits Jamaica

Jamaica!   Oh Chanel, that is exciting.   This duck has never been to Jamaica.   Mom said Jamaica, a Caribbean Island was colonized by the British and the island is beautiful.   Jamaica has mountains, rainforests, great scuba diving and wonderful snorkeling.   Here you are, entering Konoko Falls and Park.

Let's go to Konoko Falls

Let’s go to Konoko Falls

This beautiful area is in the Hills of St. Ann, overlooking the tourist area of Ocho Rios.   Your photo of this beautiful fountain shows a turtle in the water.

Turtle in the fountain

Turtle in the fountain

We love to see turtles.  Jamaica’s first people, the Taino Indians settled in this area.   Be careful Chanel, that man has something on his shoulder.

Man with huge iguana

Man with huge iguana

A really huge iguana.   The tropical landscape is breathtaking.   Thank you Chanel for these photos.   Jamaica looks beautiful and it seems that you had a great time there.


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