Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck Fly to Delhi, India

Here we go.   With suitcases, passports, visas, flight schedules, and malaria pills…  Wait mom.   Malaria pills?  Yes ducks, just for prevention.   Get in the car and let’s go to the airport.   Off we go.   I, Zeb the Duck, and Soapy Smith Duck, with our moms will fly to New York City first.   Then another airplane, and the 14 hours and 15 minute flight to Delhi, India.   That is a long time to be in airplanes.   Delhi, India, the 3rd largest city in India, has between 17 and 18 million people.   So many new friends for us.   We landed in Delhi, cleared customs and immigration, gathered our luggage and met our tour guide.   Let’s explore our hotel, The Park.

The Park. New Delhi, India

It looks nice and there seems to be a lot of activity on the street.   We are comfortable in our lobby.   A buffet breakfast will be served in the restaurant behind us.

Hotel lobby with restaurant in background

Buffet breakfasts are great for us.   Always so many choices.   Another lobby lounge area by the Fire Restaurant.

Lounge near Fire Restaurant

We can enjoy authentic traditional food from different parts of India here.   Fire Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.   We like the flower petals floating in water.

Flower petals floating

Floating flowers are enjoyed on vacations for us.   We don’t do it at home.   The vases of flowers are nice as we check in and receive our room keys.

Vases near check in location

We ducks want to see the swimming pool.   It is hot here, so a pool sounds nice.   More flowers floating as we approach the pool.

Floating flowers as we approach pool

We like this pool.

We love swimming pools

But we’re not sure if we will have time to swim.   Looks like there will be a beach party at our pool tonight.

Pool party tonight

We were told to go to our rooms and rest, but we want to see our neighborhood.   We two ducks and humans took a walk round our hotel.   Of course our moms are always looking for Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke.   We found some.   Continuing around our hotel, we found a small market area with a Hindu Temple partly visible.

Hindu temple with monkeys

Yes, those are monkeys on the temple.   This monkey is walking there and waiting for us to take a picture.


In this market area, humans can buy bananas to feed the monkeys.

Monkey enjoying a banana

Doesn’t she look happy with her banana.   Our moms were afraid to put us on the ground.   Some people said the monkeys might take us.   I think we will be spending a lot of time in our traveling bag.   More about Delhi next time.


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