Delhi’s Jama Masjid with Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck

Leaving the serenity of our hotel, we humans and ducks, get on the bus and drive toward Jama Masjid, or Friday Mosque.   Fridays, this mosque, the largest in India, is open to non Muslims.   Along the way, we take many photos of the activity on the street.   This white horse seems to ignore all the activity and concentrate on his food.

Horse pulling wagon. Snack time

We like white horses.   The wide street of Delhi are used by all.   The green and yellow taxis, called Tuk Tuks, are plentiful.

Streets are for everyone

Bicycle powered rickshaws, motorcycles, buses, and pedestrians all travel together on the busy streets.  Lady on the street.


Mom was here, in India, in 2004.   She is surprised to see this McDonald’s.


She said in 2004 there were no familiar restaurants.   McDonald’s features Veggie Burgers.   Here is the mosque.

Stairs to Jama Masjid

That is a lot of stairs for short duck legs, so our moms carry us up.   Admission is free, but we pay to take any cameras, including cell phones.   Each mom has a camera, so money is given to the attendant.   We are inside.

Soapy’s mom at the mosque

Soapy’s mom is wearing the gown the ladies must wear, and also the shoe covers that all humans, male and female, must wear.   In the courtyard we see the building, other ladies in blue gowns, and birds enjoying birdseed.

Looking across courtyard

This courtyard can accommodate 25,000 people.   That is a lot of humans.   The birds are enjoying the food and we see the canopy for shade (temperatures exceed 100 degrees F (38 degrees C) for part of the year.

Looking across courtyard

Prayer rugs are also scattered here.   Seven humans and two ducks make up our group for our exploration of India.

Our human group

These are our humans.   The ladies have gowns and all humans have shoe covers.   Looking over the side of the mosque,

Many birds

more birds are arriving for the birdseed.   The mosque, made of white marble and red sandstone, was commissioned by Shah Jahan from 1644-1658.   Shah Jahan was the man that had the Taj Mahal built from 1631-1653.   Here we see the speakers for the call to prayer.

Speakers. Notice black marble inlaid in white marble

Also black marble has been inlaid in the white marble.   Great craftsmen worked in India during this time.   This marble alcove is very nice.

Marble alcove

Looking down the hallway, we love the arches.

Looking through the arches

From the walkway we look out to the courtyard.

Looking into courtyard

We enjoy the beauty of the buildings and the peacefulness of the area.   Before we leave, let’s try to get a panorama photo of the courtyard.

Courtyard of Jama Masjid

Well, she tried.   Next time we will take you through a street market near this Jama Masjid, or Friday Mosque.   We hope you will join us for the market experience.


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