Delhi’s Chandni Chowk Market with Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck

Near Jama Masjid, the Friday Mosque, we ventured into Chandni Chowk Market, one of the busiest in Old Delhi.   Our group of seven human tourists, Jesse, our leader, and two ducks walked down the street.   There were other options to see the market.

Walk through the market or go by pedicab?

But walking was our choice.   This market has some of Delhi’s best street food, but we were told not to eat any.

Delhi street food

Our American stomachs might not be happy with it.  But it smelled great.   Zeb and Soapy are not sure what type of melons these are, but they look pretty.


We were here rather early in the morning, before it got crowded.

Hectic but fascinating

The produce venders are here but not all the shops are open yet.   Look at all the power lines overhead.

Many overhead power lines

This is quite a maze of electrical lines.   That is Jesse in the white shirt.   He is trying to keep us all together.   And so many fresh fruit and vegetable selections.   At Chandni Chowk you can find many things.

Such a variety available

Here we see colorful produce, Pandit Ji Jewel Boxes and Pearl Electric.   The street is not very wide.

Tuk Tuk Taxi fills the road

This Tuk Tuk Taxi takes almost all the room.   Mingling with taxis, pedicabs, and pedestrians, it was safer for we ducks to stay in our traveling bags.   But we did get to look around one shop.

What a shop

Isn’t this a great place to look and purchase items to remember Chandni Chowk Market?  These huge sacks offer grains and flour.

Grains and flour

All without being covered and nobody bothers anything.   Hungry?

A snack?

More snacks available.   We love street food, but did not buy anything.   We don’t want to get what Jesse called, Delhi Belly.   Singing bowls.

Place for singing bowls

We love singing bowls, but this shop is not open yet.   Mom brought one back from Nepal several years ago.   Look inside this shop.

A shop. On the left are ropes of flowers.

On the left those ropes are made of real flowers.   So nice.  We saw a few content dogs on our walk.

Dog, enjoying life

These dogs seem well fed and cared for.   The Hindu religion respects all things in nature, so street dogs are well cared for.  Live chickens are available here.

Live chickens for sale

Everything is here.   Even Ejaz Guest House, Minar Tours and money changers.

Guest house and money changer

This is just a short stroll from the market street.   Traffic is building up now.

Traffic building up here.

We are not going to drive here, but we never saw an accident while we were in India, and no sign of road rage.   India has over 1.25 billion people, and things just seem to work.   We like India.


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