A Little of Delhi with the Colorado Traveling Ducks

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Love the old arches

Aren’t these old arches beautiful and sturdy?  We will visit the Cottage Industries.

Cottage Industries

Inside we viewed handcrafted items from the Kashmir region of India.   Hand knotted rugs and carpets are the main items for us today.   These required years to make and are truly beautiful.

Hand knotted carpet

As the carpets are turned, the intensity of the colors change.  While we shown many carpets, snacks were provided.

Our snacks

All were tasty and we really enjoyed the banana.  The tea was also delicious.  Mom loves tea.   This circular rug has long fringe.

Circular hand knotted rug

We did not purchase any carpets.   When mom was here in 2004, she did have one sent home.   She said she did not need any more.   Our next stop was Shree Lakshmi  Narayan Mandir.  This temple is to honor Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Photos not allowed inside, but we could photograph this photo.

Before entering this temple, humans must remove their shoes.   Some enjoyed walking barefoot on the cool white marble floor.   Also, no photos are allowed inside.   Before entering humans may purchase fresh flowers to place in the temple.

Purchase flowers for the temple

We did not purchase any flowers.   Soapy’s mom is ready to go inside.

Ready to enter temple

The swastika on the temple is a Hindu (and Buddhist) symbol of peace.   This symbol has been important to Hindus and Buddhists for thousands of years.   Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler used this symbol (turned around) for non peaceful purposes.   We then walked around Connaught Place, a nice shopping area of Delhi, close to our hotel.

Ardor 2.1 for dinner

Together we had a nice dinner at Ardor 2.1.   Soapy’s mom tried something new for dinner.

She said it tasted as good as it looked. Yum

Doesn’t it look delicious?  Of course, our moms ordered a side of French Fries.   They were perfect and our entire group enjoyed some.    Soapy’s mom’s dinner is Fruit Masala Chana Tokri Chaat.   Similar to fruit in yogurt.

Official description of Soapy’s mom’s dinner.

After dinner and a short walk, we arrived back in our hotel, ready to rest after a full day.   Next, a little more exploring of Delhi.   We hope you will join us.


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