Zeb the Duck Brings a Bit of Olde Town Arvada home

I, Zeb the Duck, couldn’t omit these last few things from my Olde Town Arvada tour.   Arvada’s flour mill, constructed from 1925-1926, operated until 1960.

Arvada’s Old Flour Mill

Wheat was grown in the area, so a flour mill was needed.   There are 4 levels here, some for offices, some for equipment, some for processing and bagging flour.   Our flour mill could process 250 pounds of wheat per hour.   That’s a lot of flour.   As the area grew, the railroad and trolley carried people into Denver.   Agriculture thrived also.   Now, the area is still growing.   The train goes through Arvada.   Passengers can take the bus to Denver, and soon we will be able to take the Light Rail into Denver and beyond.

Light rail station for Olde Town Arvada. Agriculture equipment behind sign

There is a little technical problem with the light rail trains and the train gates that come down to stop traffic.   Our light rail line in not operational yet, but they say soon….  The sign is up, the tracks are ready, and there is farm equipment here also.   We ducks like that Arvada is proud of its past and keeps the history.

Light rail, train, farm equipment and flour mill

Our flour mill and agriculture equipment remind us of farming times.   Now that we have all that flour, what should we do with it?   Well, let’s look around Olde Town Arvada and look for something that used flour.   My favorite, the Rheinlander Bakery.

Rheinländer German Bakery

This is a German bakery.   This bakery has been open at this same location since 1963.  It is really good to stay in business that long.   Let’s see what is available today.

They have so many items

So many things to see and taste.   It sure smells good in here.   Today we wanted some of their delicious strudel.

We want the famous strudel

Look at all these strudels.  So hard to decide.   Let’s look closer.

So many types of strudel.

Now we can buy strudel, their signature and most popular item, by the slice.   I couldn’t decide, so here I am at home, with two slices of Olde Town Arvada.

I, Zeb the Duck, with a slice (or two) of Olde Town Arvada at home.

They are both warm, flaky and so full of fruit.   One with cherries and another with apples.  The added sweet touch on the top.   Ahhh  Tastes heavenly.   There are so many more things to see and do in Olde Town Arvada.   The florist shop makes beautiful arrangements.   But if you want the flowers to last, there is another shop that sells only artificial flowers and plants.   They look so real.   The flowers in the vases even have fake water.   It is a great shop, but no photos are allowed inside.   I really hope you take some time this spring or summer to wander around Olde Town Arvada.   The consignments stores are fun.   The antique shops are fascinating and we love the used book store.   And so many small, independently owned restaurants have delicious food.   Next time we will take you on a far away adventure.   We needed our passports, so stop by in a few days and share our latest adventure.


Dinner on the Farm with Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck

White Fence Farm is our favorite farm and one of our favorite restaurants.

Let's Go to the White Fence Farm

Let’s Go to the White Fence Farm

This is a real farm, with animals and more.   But, let’s eat first.

Front entrance to restaurant.

Front entrance to restaurant and farmhouse.

We enter the farm house and are taken to one of the many dining rooms.   We get a great table, right by the window.    It does not take long for our moms to order.   The fried chicken here is famous and very tasty.   Dinner here is served family style.   Our side dishes arrive while our chicken is cooking.   We start with kidney bean salad, creamy cole slaw, and pickled red beets.   All are delicious, but the star of the side dishes must be the hot corn fritters.   The remind our moms of warm donuts.   We love them!   Soon a platter of chicken arrives, with the potatoes.

Looks good and tastes wonderful

Looks good and tastes wonderful

My mom ordered a baked potato.     Soapy Smith’s mom ordered mashed potatoes.   They look like ice cream, but the potatoes are perfect and wonderful.    We are asked if we would like more of any side dishes.   Of course we would!   Because we can have as much of the side dishes as we want, we cannot take them home.   But all of this chicken is ours.   We eat a lot and still have plenty to take home.   After dinner, we wander around the farm.   The weather today is very nice, so we spend our time outside.   Our farm has farm equipment, this tractor and of course, the outhouse.

Farm equipment and outhouse

Farm equipment and outhouse

We prefer the indoor plumbing.   Great carriage here.

Carriage ride?

Carriage ride?

Isn’t this a great farm?  This truck driver is our new friend.   We like his truck also.

This driver is our friend.

This driver is our friend.

It is a 1925 Ford Model T One Ton Truck.   When it was new, the price was $1,300.   The roof of the truck is fabric.   This farm even has a peacock.

Peacock with beautiful tail

Peacock with beautiful tail

The blue on peacock feathers is such a brilliant blue.   Soapy and I are enjoying our horse ride.

Zeb and Soapy riding a horse

Zeb and Soapy riding a horse

We even have a human friend riding with us.   These cut out boards are so much fun.

Zeb and Soapy are now farm animals

Zeb and Soapy are now farm animals

Soapy and I have the bodies of farm animals.   It is spring, and last week we had photos of baby pigs and baby geese, so now we have a young rabbit.

It is spring. Young bunny

It is spring.  Young bunny

We love small, young animals.   The grounds of this farm are beautiful.   There is a river, a pond, and everything is beautifully landscaped and well cared for.   Look at this car.

Small White Fence Farm car

Small White Fence Farm car

Definitely belongs here at the White Fence Farm.   We love the area with goats.   The humans put quarters in the machine and they get food for the goats and sheep.   Everybody has a good time.   Soapy’s mom is feeding the goat.

Soapy's mom feeding a goat

Soapy’s mom feeding a goat

Now the goats are being fed by other humans, so mom thinks it is safe to put us on the fence.

Zeb and Soapy with goats

Zeb and Soapy with goats

The goats are busy, so they won’t try to eat us.   There are many other things to do inside, also.   This is the Americana Barn.

Americana Barn

Americana Barn.   The barn is attached to the farmhouse restaurant.

There is a stage and dance floor.   Tables to enjoy refreshments.   A nice gift shop and our favorite fudge and candy shop.   Young humans can play on the two level tall slide.   But, today the weather was so nice, we stayed outside, except for a quick visit to the fudge and candy shop.   There is so much to do, inside and outside, so it is always a good day to go to the White Fence Farm.   When you are in the Denver area, don’t miss the White Fence Farm.   You will love it.