Zeb the Duck Brings a Bit of Olde Town Arvada home

I, Zeb the Duck, couldn’t omit these last few things from my Olde Town Arvada tour.   Arvada’s flour mill, constructed from 1925-1926, operated until 1960.

Arvada’s Old Flour Mill

Wheat was grown in the area, so a flour mill was needed.   There are 4 levels here, some for offices, some for equipment, some for processing and bagging flour.   Our flour mill could process 250 pounds of wheat per hour.   That’s a lot of flour.   As the area grew, the railroad and trolley carried people into Denver.   Agriculture thrived also.   Now, the area is still growing.   The train goes through Arvada.   Passengers can take the bus to Denver, and soon we will be able to take the Light Rail into Denver and beyond.

Light rail station for Olde Town Arvada. Agriculture equipment behind sign

There is a little technical problem with the light rail trains and the train gates that come down to stop traffic.   Our light rail line in not operational yet, but they say soon….  The sign is up, the tracks are ready, and there is farm equipment here also.   We ducks like that Arvada is proud of its past and keeps the history.

Light rail, train, farm equipment and flour mill

Our flour mill and agriculture equipment remind us of farming times.   Now that we have all that flour, what should we do with it?   Well, let’s look around Olde Town Arvada and look for something that used flour.   My favorite, the Rheinlander Bakery.

Rheinländer German Bakery

This is a German bakery.   This bakery has been open at this same location since 1963.  It is really good to stay in business that long.   Let’s see what is available today.

They have so many items

So many things to see and taste.   It sure smells good in here.   Today we wanted some of their delicious strudel.

We want the famous strudel

Look at all these strudels.  So hard to decide.   Let’s look closer.

So many types of strudel.

Now we can buy strudel, their signature and most popular item, by the slice.   I couldn’t decide, so here I am at home, with two slices of Olde Town Arvada.

I, Zeb the Duck, with a slice (or two) of Olde Town Arvada at home.

They are both warm, flaky and so full of fruit.   One with cherries and another with apples.  The added sweet touch on the top.   Ahhh  Tastes heavenly.   There are so many more things to see and do in Olde Town Arvada.   The florist shop makes beautiful arrangements.   But if you want the flowers to last, there is another shop that sells only artificial flowers and plants.   They look so real.   The flowers in the vases even have fake water.   It is a great shop, but no photos are allowed inside.   I really hope you take some time this spring or summer to wander around Olde Town Arvada.   The consignments stores are fun.   The antique shops are fascinating and we love the used book store.   And so many small, independently owned restaurants have delicious food.   Next time we will take you on a far away adventure.   We needed our passports, so stop by in a few days and share our latest adventure.


Zeb the Duck Visits Spicy Old Town Arvada

Penzeys is a must visit store in Olde Town Arvada.

Penzey’s Spice Shop

Oh  yes, it is a spice store.   There are so many spices here.   I, Zeb the Duck, never knew all of these existed.  Start here with Spices A to Z.

So many spices

Such a variety.   And did you know that this many types of pepper were available?

This is all pepper??

What is a duck to make using all these wonderful spices?   Penzey’s has the answer to that question also.

Let’s try new recipes.

Cookbooks to lead the duck or human into the wonders of cooking with new flavors.    Let’s get it straight.   Seasonings and spices are different here.   So many seasonings.

And seasonings

What kind?   Check out this seasoning to put on Chicago Steak.

For Chicago steaks

Another area features Taco Seasoning.

Taco seasoning

We have Chicken, hot and original.   And soups.   So many soup bases.

Let’s have soup.

Remember this store next time you are looking for that memorable gift for a cook or chef.

Gift box

Gift boxes offer the chance for the recipient, even if you are buying for yourself, to try more than one item.   In our house, we don’t experiment in the kitchen very often, but this is one of our favorite places to shop for a cold winter evening.

My favorite. Hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate is just perfect for us.   Rich chocolate, I prefer chocolate with mint, thick, great flavor and topped with those small marshmallows.   It sends my taste buds to duck heaven.   I better stop thinking about that now, or I won’t finish this, I’ll be savoring mint hot chocolate.   When leaving Penzey’s, with the feeling of a kid in a spice store, within a few steps, you can be like a kid in a toy store.   Have fun in Super Zoom.

Super Zoom

They have such a variety, and important for me, this toy store is not overcrowded.   You really can see things and have room to move around.   Great for adults, ducks and children.   Olde Arvada truly is a wonderful place.   We think it may be time for you to explore Olde Arvada, Colorado.

Let’s Explore Olde Town Arvada with Zeb the Duck

Olde Town Arvada is fun to explore.   Only a few miles northwest of downtown Denver,  Olde Town Arvada is a great place to meet friends, wander, shop, and eat.   The plaza here has tables for us to sit and chat, or enjoy a treat from great restaurants and snack shops.

Don’t you love to sit outside on sunny spring days.

Looking down the street, you will see brick buildings from more than 100 years ago.

A quiet weekday morning in Olde Arvada, Colorado

I like these murals on the Army Navy Surplus store.

Murals of Colorado

We are proud of our Colorado history.   Let’s explore one of the small shops here.

A store devoted to socks.

This store is dedicated to socks.    Just so you remember that we are in Colorado, we have a buffalo head in our sock store.

The buffalo is watching you and the socks

I’m sitting on Toe Sox.   Almost gloves for feet.       And still more socks.

More socks

You really need to visit this store.  Socks of all lengths, colors, designs and more.   This really is a fun store and the employees are so nice. After the sock shop we continued wandering.   Silver Vines is our winery.

Silver Vines winery.

We didn’t stop here today, but maybe another day.  After all, shouldn’t we support all our local businesses?   Arvada even has an old water tower.

Water tower in Olde Arvada

It is just perfect to see a water tower in Olde Town.   We are going to visit this coffee shop.   It is Global Goods.

Global Goods coffee shop

This group serves coffee and great tea blends.    And the pastries…  What can I say.   I love the muffins.  Global helps people from war torn countries.   The profits from food and beverages help those in need.   The small gift shop features items made by the victims of war.

So many choices

Those necklaces next to me use beads that are made of paper, usually pages of a magazine.   Before ducks, mom spent 3 weeks in Uganda and we have some of these necklaces at home.   These pictures on the wall are made by people affected by war.

Intrigued by the pictures on the wall

Great baskets and purses.   Global Good also operates a thrift store further north, on 88th Avenue.   We like helping others and we love this store and the refreshments.   We will be back here soon.   Next time we will show you more of Olde Arvada.   It is a great place to explore and eat.   Maybe we will see you there soon.

A Chocolate Affair in Arvada, Colorado with Zeb the Duck

We love chocolate.   We eat chocolate.   Now we can have a Chocolate Affair.   Olde Town Arvada’s 15th annual Chocolate Affair was delicious.   You buy tickets for $1.00.   Each ticket lets you purchase a taste of chocolate from a local business.   This is where we bought tickets.

Tickets for $1 per sample sold here

Tickets for $1 per sample sold here

Also on sale are souvenirs.   How about the shirt with I love OTA.

Olde Town Arvada

Olde Town Arvada

That’s Olde Town Arvada.   Crossing the street we found Dove Chocolate Discoveries at School House Kitchen and Libations, a favorite restaurant.

School House Kitchen and Libations

School House Kitchen and Libations

The little tasters are mint flavored (white ones) and chocolate flavored (brown).

Dove Chocolate Discoveries beverages

Dove Chocolate Discoveries beverages

The mint was our choice and a perfect choice for us.   Whiskey was available to further flavor the beverage, but we declined.    Next stop was Arvada Public Library.   We tried Haystacks, a peanut butter flavored delight and then white chocolate with cranberries.

Looce's chocolate candy samples

Looce’s chocolate candy samples

Samples were from Looce’s.  Both were delicious and could become addictive.   Their sign says Little Bits of Heaven.   These are handmade chocolates.  Looce’s is a local company based in Littleton, Colorado.   Visit them at  www.mslooceys.com   Also in the library samples of chocolate milk from Longmont Dairy were available.   Small humans were enjoying face painting and balloons.   Next we headed to Rheinlander Bakery.

Rheinlander Bakery. Smells so good here

Rheinlander Bakery. Smells so good here

The German bakery was very crowded and smelled heavenly.   With our tickets, we purchased a German Chocolate Brownie.

Love this German Chocolate brownie.

Love this German Chocolate brownie.

Mom sort of smashed it a little, but the flavor was so satisfying.   Makes me want more.   Visit them at   http://www.Rheinlanderbakery.com   This event is a fundraiser for Ralston House.   They provide help for children; victims of abuse or neglect.   In addition to purchasing tickets for samples, (all samples are donated by the individual chocolate businesses), paper hearts are placed on street poles.

Buy a heart. Support Ralston House

Buy a heart. Support Ralston House

Humans and businesses purchase these hearts, another donation to Ralston House.   This one was purchased by Arvada Historical Society, but others were Valentine messages for that someone special.    Now to the Rising Church Gym.   Several businesses offered samples, but these are some of our favorites.   La Patisserie Francaisie offered multi layer cake tastes.   A perfect blend of flavors and textures.   Even a mousse layer.

Arvada's La Patisserie Francaise Yum

Arvada’s La Patisserie Francaise Yum

This is a locally owned Arvada business.   Visit them at http://www.lapatbakery.com   We will be visiting them at 7885 N Wadsworth in Arvada.   Next was creamy, dark fudge from Satchi Fudge.   Chocolate Kissed Cherries with almonds was our favorite.

Satchi Fudge Smooth, creamy and delicious

Satchi Fudge Smooth, creamy and delicious

Satchi Fudge is locally owned in Broomfield, Colorado.   They ship all over the continental United States.   See them at  www.SatchiFudge.com    Enstrom’s Candies, made in Grand Junction, Colorado was our last stop for samples.

Enstrom's Candies. Love the toffee

Enstrom’s Candies.  Love the toffee

We used all of our tickets and mom said we had enough chocolate.    Silly mom, never enough chocolate!   The almond toffee from Enstrom’s is one of our favorites.   So we used all our tickets to taste more toffee.   It is so good.   See more at  www.enstrom.com  Walking toward our car, we could not pass the Kettle Corn booth.

Must have Kettle Corn

Must have Kettle Corn

Using money now, we purchased kettle corn.   A Chocolate Affair in Arvada, Colorado is fun and delicious.   The Ralston House is such a great help to abused children.   This festival benefits everyone and it is fun!   We hope to see you there next year.