Return to North Pole, Alaska with Zeb and Eider Duck

Here we are.  Back in North Pole, Alaska.

North Pole, Alaska

North Pole is a small town about 10-15 miles from Fairbanks.   First stop was Visitor’s Center, but they were closed.

Visitor’s Center in North Pole, Alaska

Yes, that is grass growing on the roof.   Good insulation.   In Fairbanks, we went to Denny’s for a quick meal.

Northern most Denny’s. Fairbanks, Alaska

And, we were at the most northern Denny’s in the world.   Quite impressive.   The town of North Pole is devoted to Christmas, all year long.

Santa at North Pole

Santa has his house here, since he does live at the North Pole.

Santa lives here.

He also has a really nice gift shop.   As we entered, we saw so many Christmas decorations.

Christmas ornaments and decorations

And more Christmas decorations.

So much for Christmas

They have so much and it is so much fun to look around.   There are ornaments and items from Alaska, and some from other parts of the world.   Another section of the shop features t-shirts and other clothing.

Santa shirts

They even have great flannel one piece pajamas.   And a trap door in the seat for humans when they get up during the night.   They are really warm.   Perfect for the long cold Alaskan winter nights.   After shopping, we discovered the fudge counter at Santa’s House.   Yum!   Going outside, next to Santa’s House, is the Antler Academy.

Antler Academy

Do you see the reindeer to the right of the Antler Academy?   They are real!  This is where the reindeer learn to fly so they can lead Santa’s sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve.

These graduates can fly

These are graduates of Antler Academy.   Flying with Santa now to practice for the very important trip in late December.   North Pole is a nice town with all modern shopping and restaurants.   But they have Santa’s House and the Antler Academy, also.   We hope you visit, we recommend summer, and enjoy the North Pole.