Denver’s Chili Verde for lunch with Zeb the Duck and Chanel the Bear

Let’s go to lunch.   I, Zeb the Duck, love to go out for lunch.   And even more so if my friend, Chanel the Bear, is with me.   We took our moms to an authentic Mexican restaurant, Chili Verde.

Chili Verde. Let’s go inside.

According to their website, two brothers normally vacationed in Denver with their parents.   They lived in Puebla, Mexico.   (Home of the Cinco de Mayo battle, resulting in that holiday).   The family could not find food from their native Puebla, so in later years the brothers started this restaurant.   The brothers now live in Colorado, but visit Puebla, Mexico frequently, refining recipes and techniques.   Today our moms both ordered flautas.   These are small taquitos, meat filled small tortillas, rolled and then fried.   One mom ordered chicken and another mom ordered beef.   Both were very tasty.    While waiting for our lunch, we enjoyed chips and salsa and also a warm bean dip.

Flautas, chips and salsa with warm bean dip.

We really like this restaurant.   Unfortunately, our moms liked their lunch too much and did not save room for dessert.   Here we can watch talented cooks preparing lunch, and the dessert menu is right there.

Did you read that dessert menu?

But did our moms save room for dessert?   No, they did not.   The main entree was so flavorful, they ate it all.   We have heard so much about the Tres Leches Cake, that we will be back soon. Chanel and I sat in front of the colorful tile wall for a short rest and a private chat.

Friends chatting without moms listening.

Sometimes we like to be on our own.   The well stocked bar featured some good handicrafts on the top shelf.

Bar features selection of Mexican liquor and great handicrafts.

We like to see new things.  On another wall, we admired various pictures.

Colorful pictures.

These are for sale for $350 each.   Looking closer, this is a different type of art.

Colorful and unusual

Everything seems to be made of bumps or bubbles.   Our waiter told us that one of the brothers often visits Bali in the country of Indonesia and knows the artist.

Andry Aila from Bali created this pictures.

Andry Aila is the Indonesian artist.   He creates these masterpieces with a medical syringe.   We believe the syringe injects air into the paint to create these bumps or bubbles.   We were not familiar with this technique, so we wanted to look closer.

Let’s look closer

These pictures are really bright and cleverly done.   Chili Verde has an outside patio.   What a great place to eat in warmer weather.

Cute outside patio, but not for today. Still a little fresh snow

As you can tell, we had some new snow during the night, but our Colorado sunshine is causing rapid melting.   So, eating inside for us today.   Maybe outside dining next trip.   Leaving Chili Verde, we had to stop to admire (and sit on) this piñata.

We love piñatas

Chili Verde is located at 2311 Federal Boulevard in Denver, Colorado.   Maybe we will see you there soon.   It is really good.


Christmas Decorations at Torres Mazatlan

I, Zeb the Duck, and Eider Duck, loved the Christmas decorations at our resort in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Torres Mazatlan.  Our home for the week.

Torres Mazatlan. Our home for the week.

It was great having Christmas decorations to remind us that Christmas is almost here.  We are used to colder weather for Christmas, but we are enjoying the pool, beach and warm, sunny weather.  The Christmas tree and Nativity scene were beautiful.

These decorations were made by Torres Mazatlan employees in 1992

These decorations were made by Torres Mazatlan employees in 1992

We especially liked the story of the Christmas tree.  The employees made the tree from palm fronds and decorated it with coconuts wrapped in colored paper.  Torres Mazatlan has used this tree since 1992 as a symbol of Love and Peace on Earth.

Entering the resort, just past the security station, this festive scene greets us.

Just past security station

Just past security station near the entrance of the resort

The Christmas flowers near the registration desk are very much a sign of Christmas.

Such vivid colors

Such vivid colors

The Santa display with Santa’s mailbox was very popular.

Letters to Santa go in this mailbox

Letters to Santa go in this mailbox

Leaving the registration area, we passed through this decorated arch.

Looks so tropical

Looks so tropical

Wandering through the grounds, we liked this cart of flowers with Christmas decorations on the ground.

Flowers are always nice.

Flowers are always nice.

Near our patio, we enjoyed this cart of Christmas packages.

Presents everywhere

Presents everywhere

It was especially nice at night when the lights were on.

One day we watched the younger human children break a piñata.

He is trying

He is trying

This is a great Mexican custom and the kids had fun.

She is older, so the piñata moves while she tries

She is older, so the piñata moves while she tries

We had fun watching this also.

It won't be long before piñata is broken and candy falls to ground

It won’t be long before piñata is broken and candy falls to ground

Our humans said we were too small to swing the stick and also too small to scramble with the humans picking up the candy.

While enjoying tropical weather it was nice to see the Christmas spirit around us.  We hope you are enjoying seeing Christmas decorations wherever you are during the Christmas season.