Colorado Traveling Ducks Visit Manly, near Sydney, Australia

Back on the boat in Sydney Harbor.   They have hop on hop off boats, so we are heading to Manly today.

Manly Wharf

Manly is a  popular beach town near Sydney.   Some people even commute by boat between Manly and Sydney for jobs.   Downtown, we liked the sign for the Municipality of Manly.


Perfect weather led us to wander around, do some shopping, and then think about lunch.


We decided to get sandwiches and eat at the beach.

Manly Beach

These steps were convenient and gave us a great view of the sand and water.   Perhaps we were too interested in the beach and didn’t pay attention to sea gulls behind us.

Adorable seagull or clever thief?

Before our first bite of food, this fellow, or one like him, flew from behind us, dove at our food and got the top bread from one sandwich.   He was quick.   Probably experienced at the grab and fly routine.   We were surprised.   After eating the rest of our lunch, it was time to walk on the beach.

Lifeguards on Manly Beach

We are life guards for the day.   We really think they were training new, young, life guards.

Practicing rescue skills

They ran across the sand and quickly, into the water and on the boards.   We thought they looked very good.   We like this.

Beautiful Manly beach

Families having fun with their children on the beach.   But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.   Time to walk back to catch a boat to Sydney’s Circular Quay.

Looking out to sea

Not expecting to need the life saving ring, we used it as a look out for small ducks to sit.

Back for a snack?

Another look back.   Moms say no time for another snack on the deck.

Stand up paddle boarding

These people are practicing stand up paddle boarding.   Time for us to board our boat.   It is a little windy here.

Windy, but good sailors

These sailboats are leaning, but the crew handles everything.   No over turned boats today.   Tomorrow we leave for our last destination.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

So this is our farewell to Sydney Harbor and Australia.  We love Australia and hope to return and stay for a longer time.   You will love Australia also.


6 thoughts on “Colorado Traveling Ducks Visit Manly, near Sydney, Australia

  1. Glad the gull didn’t get more of your lunch! They’re professional at thievery…

    Looks like it was a wonderful trip. Thanks for taking the time to publish them. i doubt I’ll ever get there, so this definitely has been “second best.”

    I look forward to your next excursion!

  2. Thanks for reading. We loved Manly, Australia, and everywhere we visited. Anxious for our travel ban to be lifted, but spring is here, for today, at least, so all is well. In the future, perhaps you will want to fly again. Enjoy the nice weather.

  3. Be glad the gulls didn’t get more of your food – they’re professional thieves! Doesn’t matter which continent they’re on!

    Thanks for taking the time to post your travelogue. The pix are lovely, and make me wish I could go. The reality is – I probably won’t. So you have given me the next best thing!

    Stay safe and be well!


  4. We had delicious fish and chips on the beach at Manly once and had to guard our lunch so the birds didn’t get it. They are well practised at stealing food. It’s a beautiful area. I think those people on the surf boards would probably have been doing a surfing class.

    • We loved our time at Manly. The seagull did surprise us, flying over a shoulder from behind. So, better preparation for next beach visit. You are probably right. May have been a surfing class. Thanks for reading and we enjoyed our visit to your country.

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